Types Of Tyres You Can Choose From

Choosing the right set of tyres is important to get the intended performance from your vehicle. Tyres are the most important part of your car which is why it is given extreme attention. But you must admit almost all the car owners are neglecting their tyres. You should never compromise on the type of tyre you use and the quality of the Tyres Timberland.

Good quality tyres can be a boon to your precious vehicle. There is an abundance of advantages of using the right tyre as it will help you have the best drive of your time. It will no matter what provide you with a safe and comfortable driving experience.

With different tyre varieties, being in a dilemma is pretty obvious. Making the right decision is important. The kind of drive you will have in the future will depend on the tyre you choose. If you choose the wrong type of tyre that is not suitable for your vehicle, it will affect the vehicle adversely. With the betterment of technology today, the tyre industry is improving and making an effort to provide the best possible tyres to the public.

The introduction of many types of tyres has been done in recent years but that will help you save fuel, nature, and even provide you with even more safety while driving. You must pay special attention while purchasing the tyres.

Types of tyres 

Seasonal tyres –

Seasonal tyres are made to be used in specific seasons as in when the weather changes. There are mainly two types of tyres- Summer tyres and winter tyres. These tyres are made temperature specific. Summer tyres can only be used above 7 degrees and winter tyres can only be used below 7 degrees. These two tyres exhibit exactly the opposite features and function exactly the opposite of each other but are perfect to be used in their particular season. From rubber material to tread, every aspect is different.

Summer Tyres- Summer tyres are said to have symmetrical tread patterns and winter tyres are said to have asymmetrical tyre patterns. If you end up using the wrong tyre in the wrong season, your tyres will start getting damaged severely. They will get worn out quickly and provide you with a rough driving experience. Although these tyres provide the best handling and stability in their specific road condition. Even drivers have reported that while using summer tyres on hot and dry surfaces has improved the mobility of the vehicle.

All-season tyres– These are tyres that can be used the whole year without any hassle. The all-season tyres are the alternative of using and switching seasonal tyres when the season changes. They exhibit all the features and characteristics of both summer and winter tyres. Just like summer tyres, all-season tyres can provide you with ultimate handling on the dry road surface and like winter tyres these tyres can also provide you with stable drive in a mild snowfall.

These tyres pass all the tests except one. There is only one drawback of using these tyres, you cannot expect a good grip and traction in snow-covered road conditions. All-season tyres fail badly on snow-covered roads. You should buy these tyres only if you live in a place with a moderate climate.

All-terrain tyres- these are the most underrated tyres as they can be used on various types of terrains. If you are someone who loves to travel, purchasing all-terrain tyres can be the best tyres for you. These tyres have tread that can be used on various terrains – muddy, plane, uneven, off-roading, wet and even mild snowy road surfaces. It is your choice to opt for the best suitable tyre for your vehicle. Some say it is never too late to make the right decision. So, if you have the wrong pair of tyres fitted in your vehicle, just opt for the right ones.

Run-flat tyres- These tyres are the best innovation in history. If you not using these tyres then you are at risk. If your tyres go flat in the middle of the road, you might be helpless. These are tyres that can help you drive even when your tyres are flat. Run-flat tyres have a strong sidewall that provides them external support while your tyre is running flat. Your run-flat tyre can be driven for 40-50 miles. The only drawback of using run-flat tyres is that once they go flat you will have to replace them, they cannot be fixed.

Eco-friendly tyres- These are Tyres Timberland can manufacture with alternatives of all the natural products. These tyres are made from polyester that does not harm nature. Also, these tyres help you save money on fuel as they increase the fuel efficiency of the tyres.