Tyre Care & Maintenance – Critical Tips to Keep Your Car Tyres on the Go


Tyre maintenance acquires unparalleled significance when it comes to car care. Car owners also must know that driving on tyres that are not roadworthy is unsafe as well as illegal.

Besides, if they are not in good shape, you may not get an MOT clearance. Not to mention, you always run the risk of tyre puncture if you drive your vehicle on worn out tyres. Although leaks are not as big of an issue as they used to be thanks to Mobile Tyre Fitting in Royton, they are still a nuisance which is better avoided.

Now, take a look at a few tips that can help you keep your car tyres in good shape.

Always Mount the Right Tyres

Car manufacturers provide specifications for tyres according to the given vehicle model. You should always follow it as mismatched tyre size may lead to costly repairs, not to mention the safety risks.

You can choose the correct tyre size by matching the code printed on the tyres or check the manufacturer’s manual. If not, you can also approach expert technicians at Quality Assured Fleet Services to know the right tyre construct for your vehicle.

Not only can you take suggestions from them but also approach them for a host of tyre related and other vehicle repair services. Not to mention, they are experts at Mobile Tyre Fitting in Royton.

Check Tyre Condition After the Expiry Date Crosses

Yes, tyres do come with an expiry date which is nothing but its shelf life after which it will deliver reduced performance.

Although there are times when Tyres in Royton outlast their expiry date, it’s only if they are properly cared for over the years. Usually, they wear out to the extent that they cannot be repaired any more by the time they reach their expiry. In such circumstances, the best and only way forward is to replace them with new Tyres in Royton.

The expiry date of your car tyre is mentioned on its sidewall through an 11 or 13-digit code ingrained there. Check for the last four numbers on this code.

For example, if it is 3323, the first two digits indicate the week and last two, the year; meaning it will expire in the 33rd week of 2023.

Look for Any Signs of Severe Damage

While tyres do wear out over time, they also sustain occasional damages that may lead to a complete blowout. However, if these damages do not cause any immediate performance issue, they often go unnoticed.

To make sure your tyres are in good shape and not at risk of any blowouts, you need to inspect it from time to time visually. If you find any such damage, give a thought to mobile tyre-fitting which brings an immediate repairing or replacement solution.

That’s it form our end! Along with tyre care, also keep your vehicle in the best condition with Car Repair Royton as and when needed.