Tyre Damage and Repair: Know What is Safe and Correct Way to Repair?

It is quite difficult to save your car tyres from getting damaged as broken glass, potholes and nails may easily enter your tyre’s tube while driving on the road. Therefore, it becomes vital to get a Tyre Repair to continue driving smoothly even on rough terrains.

Furthermore, you should also check your tyre’s overall condition, and determine whether it is repairable or not under the road laws of the UK.

Which type of tyre damages cannot be repaired?

  • Cuts and punctures greater than 5 – 6 mm won’t be safe.
  • You can’t repair sidewall damages, internal damage, huge gouges, or deep cuts.
  • You cannot repair a tyre if the tread depth falls below 1.6mm.

Repairing a tyre puncture in the correct way

The most common reason of a tyre puncture is sharp objects like glass shards, nails and screws that penetrate inside your tyres.

To verify complete details about the damage, you must get the tyre properly inspected even if the puncture may seem to be small. This will ensure if any other damage is caused by driving on under-inflated tyres.

The tyre must be replaced instead of being repaired if the damages in Tyres Uxbridge are irreparable.

Two major aspects of being addressed in any tyre repair are:

  • The point and the path where the object penetrated into the tyre must be filled.
  • The tube must be inflated to the required psi limits.

Although tyre punctures can be repaired in a lot of ways, a majority of experts focus on using traditional practice as it is the most reliable one. The rubber closes up when the sharp object is removed from the tyre. This exposes the puncture location and makes it easier for the expert to repair it.

Below mentioned are some of the ways to repair a tyre puncture: 

Combination of patch and Plug: The tyre is repaired using a combination of plug and patch.

Patch: The tyre is removed from the rim in the patch method, the damaged area is located, and the surface is prepared for repairing it with a patch.

Plug: The puncture is repaired externally without removing the tyre from the rim in the plug method.

To ensure a proper puncture repair, neither the patch nor plug method only is sufficient. Hence, tyre experts suggest the method of combination for Tyre Repair Uxbridge.

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