Tyre Maintenance Tricks for A Perfect Road Trip

Are you planning a weekend getaway, a day on the beach, a road trip around the country, or maybe go hiking on a Sunday morning?

Anything is possible if you have the best set of Michelin Tyres Wolverhampton.

However, it is also important to properly maintain your tyres and make sure they are in perfect condition before your next trip. So, allow us to help you get ready for those new memories and save you some time and money.

If you want to enjoy a nice trip full of adventures, you not only need the best playlist, the ideal snacks, or an amazing connection to access Google maps. You also need to know the essential tyre maintenance tricks that will save you from any accident on the road. So, if you wish to make your next road trip unforgettable, just follow these tips:

1. Under Pressure – Sadly, only twenty per cent of drivers in the UK are aware of how to correctly check their tyres’ air pressure. But why is tyre inflation so important? Poorly inflated tyres can cause motorists to waste more than one million gallons of gas each year. According to some studies, properly inflated car tyres can easily decrease fuel consumption by more than four per cent. Underinflated tyres will lower your fuel mileage by two per cent. Plus, properly inflated car tyres are safer and will eventually last longer, helping you save money!

So, check your tyres pressure often. We recommend doing it at least once a month or before a long trip. Remember that you should check the air pressure when your tyres have not been used in the last two hours. You can find the right amount of air pressure in your car’s manual, on the driver’s door edge, and even on your fuel tank lid.

Keep in mind that while most new cars are fitted with air pressure checking systems, these systems will issue a warning just after the air pressure falls below twenty per cent of the suggested pressure. In numerous cases, a minor drop in pressure would not spark an alert light causing your car to lose extra fuel leading to major safety issues.

2. Never forget to also check your spare tyre – Most drivers carry at least one spare tyre. We recommend taking a few minutes every morning or before any long trip to fully check your spare tyre’s pressure and look out for any noticeable issues.

3. Start saving money – Appropriate tread depth can also be essential if you want to extend the lifespan of your tyres and prevent skidding and hydroplaning. Unusual and advanced wear will lessen the capability of your tyres to correctly grip the surface, mainly in adverse conditions. You can visually inspect your tyres for any signs of uneven wear, watch out for unusually smooth zones or any type of external damage. Also, check for gouges, bulges, cuts, or other anomalies.

4. Drive safe – After hitting a curb or pothole, you will ruin your wheel’s alignment, damaging your tyres. Misalignment can cause rapid and uneven treadwear, so it needs to be fixed by a mechanic right away.

If you consider that it is required to fix or replace your tyres as soon as possible, the best and fastest way is to use Mobile Tyre Fitting Wolverhampton before your next trip.

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