Tyre manufacturers- Pirelli tyres

Anyone would desire their tyres to be an all-rounder. Tyres have a huge responsibility of carrying the passengers safely. How a tyre performs depends on various factors. It depends on its tread size, its age, the brand and your driving habits. Changing tyres from season to season becomes crucial. It is because different tyres are made for different seasons.

Choosing a tyre for your vehicle might seem like a challenging affair. After all, your safety and performance heavily depend on it. So, it is always advisable to buy tyres which combine the qualities of high-level performance and security.

A. Who are pirelli tyres?

Pirelli Tyres are ruling the globe with their tyres. They manufacture a wide range of tyres built for every type of use. They also have a vast presence in the United Kingdom.

Their tyres are known to be environmentally friendly with mega performance. Pirelli tyres were founded in the year 1872 in Milan, Italy. They have their business in all the sectors- motorcycles, car tyres and bicycles. Today, they are considered as one of the top world leaders in the tyre industry. Their tyres are used as controls in Superbike championships. They have high tread life warranties. They are one of the most reputable brands globally.

B. What are their models?

Some of the models of Pirelli Tyres are:

  • P Zero Nero, P Zero Rosso and P Zero Run Flat
  • Pirelli Scorpion STR
  • Pirelli P7
  • P Zero all season plus
  • Pirelli Carrier tyre
  • Pirelli Cinturato P1
  • Cinturato P7 for summer use

C. What are their features?

Pncs technology

Pirelli Tyres Birmingham has Pirelli Noise Cancelling System. PNCS technology is built to lower the noise in the vehicle. This is possible due to the sound-absorbing devices present in the circumferential wall. This eventually increases driving comfort.

Run-flat technology

Run-flat technology inside the tyres helps in ensuring safety. With the run-flat technology, one can ride their vehicle up to 100 miles even after the tyres get punctured. Run-flat technology is puncture-resistant. This will increase the stability and control over the vehicle. Run-flat tyres have sidewall reinforcement which contributes to this stability.

Rolling resistance

Pirelli tyres have low rolling resistance. Low rolling resistance helps the tyres to reduce energy loss. It reduces the rolling effort required for the vehicle to move forward.

All road conditions

Pirelli tyres contribute in high-performance driving even in harsh road conditions. They have effective braking and smooth steering. Also, they have an excellent braking ability in snowy and icy roads. This ensures traction. They are designed to maintain overall performance and balance.


They have a robust internal structure because of which they are long-lasting. They long last enough to be driven for the year-round. Pirelli Tyres Birmingham are constructed for summers, winters and all the seasons. This is a onetime investment because of their strength and durability. You do not have to spend several bucks every time for checking and replacing them.

These tyres go through a lot of tests and experimentation. Their manufacturing process is handled very carefully. These tyres which are built with high-quality treads ensure protection against aquaplaning.

So, if you are looking for tyres with all the desirable qualities in them, Pirelli Tyres are the one for you.