Tyre Mounting and Fitting

Importance Of Tyres

Be it a long road trip or everyday drive to work, cars have become extremely important in each person’s life these days. Work and leisure, in both cases, we rely too much on our vehicles. But even our car depends on something for the maximum part. Those are the tyres, which go through a lot for making the running of cars easy on the road. So we should be aware of how to deal with them in the time of a tyre issue. Here we shall help you with some basic information.

Did you know that there is an exclusive tool that helps in mounting a tyre? How amazing! It is always suggested that Tyre Fitting Uxbridge be done by the professionals who know the process. Otherwise, it can turn out to be an extremely difficult task as well as a risky one. Now let us get deeper into the discussion.

Tyre Mounting Tools

The skilled personnel use the tool named tyre changer for the purpose of mounting and removing tyres. You shall see that a bead breaker and a mounting arm are fitted along with the tyre changer. These are the necessary tools for a tyre change.

Tyre Mounting Process

Talking about the process of mounting, the old tyres need to be taken out first from the wheel rims. Then the new ones shall be fitted. You might find the technician removing old tyre manually. Once the car is jacked up, the wheel can be taken out from the axle. The next step is to release all the air in the tyre by unscrewing the valve of the tyre.

Now the bead breaker and mounting machine come into use. In detaching the tyre valve from the rims, the bead breaker helps. Now once the technician positions the bead breaker properly and presses on it from both sides by turn, the tyre bead gets pressed over the hump of the rim. Then the rims are clamped in the mounting machine; the balanced weights are removed by using the mounting lever to place the tyre bead rightly over the mounting arm. The rest is taken care of by the tyre changer once it is started.

Once mounting is over, balancing of the Tyres Uxbridge is the next important thing. Sometimes for balancing, small weights are used. Proper balance improves the driving comfort ability.

How Often Should it be Done?

If you are thinking of how often dismounting and mounting tyres should be done; not that often that it affects the rim. Once the tread depth of your tyre is down to 1.6 mm, you have to do it. Also if only the tyres are worn out, but the rims are still in good shape, then tyre mounting shall be useful.

Whatever be the issue with your tyres, M & C Tyres have all the answers and amazing set of skilled mechanics for every work. If you haven’t tried our services yet, dial us today. We are just a call away.