Tyres 101: Types of Tyres You Need To Know About

That black-toroid rubber wrapped around your wheels has more to it than what meets your eye. All the essential elements of driving– torque, fuel efficiency, traction and handling are either indirectly or directly related to that black toroid.

So, it’s essential that you understand all aspects of tyres thoroughly. Here is all the information you need to know about car tyres which will help you choose the best one for purchase.

Summer Tyres

Standard tyres fitted to your automobile.

These are your regular tyres developed to work best under fair weather conditions. They generally deliver optimal traction on both dry and wet road conditions. Although it is not legally mandatory to put on summer Tyres in Preston, most drivers opt for this variant for superior performance.

Winter Tyres

Tyres explicitly designed to offer better grip on snow or ice.

These tyres are specially engineered to perform best under freezing sub-zero temperatures. Winter tyres sport smaller grooves called sipes across the tread pattern which prevents aquaplaning on slippery roads.

Moreover, winter tyres are built from a special rubber-silica compound that doesn’t stiffen up even in frigid temperatures. You can buy these Cheap Tyres in Preston from Star Tyres. They also provide tyre repair and mobile tyre fitting services.

All-Season Tyres

Combine the benefits of both summer and winter tyres in delivering exceptional year-round performance.

If changing your tyres every passing season seems like a hassle to you, then all-season car tyres in Preston are ideal for you! These tyres are developed with intermediate rubber compounds that make them an all-rounder under all weather conditions.

Run Flat Tyres

Keeps ‘rolling’ even in the event of punctures.

Unlike your standard tyres, run flat Tyres in Preston are designed to withstand punctures. Although they do need to get inflated to operate, yet they can ‘roll’ for a specific distance when punctured! That is due to reinforced tyre sidewalls that maintain the shape of the tyre temporarily. Using these tyres buys you some time to reach to the nearest garage for replacement.

Original Equipment Tyres

Tyres made specifically for selected vehicle models.

Original Equipment (OE) tyres are specialised versions that come as standard models for specific vehicles. They’re tuned to meet the performance and balance as per vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

OE tyres are constructed with subtle tweaks on their regular design for enhancing factors like –

  • Ride comfort

  • Handling

  • Tyre wear rate.

Always look for your car manufacturer’s logo when buying these Cheap Car Tyres in Preston.

All-Terrain Tyres

They’re designed to offer a unique balance between on-and-off road conditions.

If you’re looking for an excuse to remove the expense and hassle of swapping tyres on your SUV between on-and-off road driving – these Cheap Car Tyres in Preston should be your top choice! All-terrain tyres offer a smooth and safe drive on both off-road terrains and motorways. They’re engineered to cope well on hilly and slippery terrains to suit every driving condition.

Following this guideline, you can choose the tyres best suited for your purpose.

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