When we talk about tyres and tyre purchase, there are so many varieties available in the market that a little confusion is not surprising. They all look and appear the same. For a person who ain’t no car buff, there would not be any differentiating point between tyres. But it is a fact that all tyres are specifically made for unique purposes and all are different from each other. The tyres that you purchase should only be used for the purpose they are designed for. Let us take a look at the different types of tyres out there in the market.


The summer season is the safest season to drive your vehicle around. Given the amount of sunshine and light throughout the day, you are able to get a very clear view of the road that you drive on. Made for a high and extreme level of performance, summer tyres are also popularly known as standard tyres. They are made to work in extremely hot temperatures above 7°c. Their tread compound is a softer form of rubber which magnifies the stability and traction of the tyres on the road. The summer season calls for a more rigid contact between the roads and the tyres. Their tread blocks come with special patterns that help the tyre to safeguard themselves against aquaplaning. These tyres come with a very simple block-like pattern on its outer ring or tread. The specially etched pattern helps the tyres to establish a firmer grip on the road. It even helps maximise the friction being generated between the tyre and the road on which the vehicle is being driven.


To drive your cars on the wet, icy, and damp roads without the chances of encountering an accident, you should install your cars with winter tyres. These tyres are specially designed for the heavy winters of the country. The tread compound of these tyres is usually made up of rubber with high silica content. The tread pattern of the car is basically a block like design that has several grooves and sipes. It is by virtue of these that the car possesses higher traction and grip on snow-covered tarmacs. Due to the special tread compound, the tyre is saved from turning very cold or damp even in such weather conditions. They deliver flexible and optimal performance even when the temperature drops down too much.


Going by their name, all season tyres are a hybrid of both summer and winter tyres and possess the traits of both the tyres. They have the features of both the categories of tyres incorporated in them. Although they are not fit for driving in extreme summer or winter conditions, they deliver a fair performance all year round in all seasons. The tread pattern of these tyres are more intricate as compared to other seasonal tyres and come with a higher number of sipes on the tread block. One of the biggest advantages of using all-season tyres is that they save you a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on the summer or winter tyres.


The all-terrain tyres are specially designed to be installed in SUVs. They can take on any type of ground, even the muddy ones. The tyres come with a magnified tread pattern that helps release the mud that gets stuck between the tread pattern of the tyre. It also has a stronger and more durable sidewall that gives the tyre resistance against punctures. The tyre saves you from the trouble of cleaning the tyre and hence, self-cleans itself.


These tyres come to your rescue if you happen to have a tyre puncture in the middle of the road while driving. Having these tyres installed on your vehicles can help you get to the nearest mechanic or garage to fix the glitch. The side-walls of these tyres are thicker, denser, and stronger. Therefore, the car can be driven around for a longer time so that you can at least make it to the nearest workshop in case of a puncture.

Like you wear different clothes according to the season, eat different food according to the occasion, similarly, you should even change your car tyres according to the weather or road conditions. To pick from the best variety of exclusive range of tyres, visit Superior Cars Cheap Tyres Northampton and take home your desired tyres at unbeatable prices.

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