Tyres and their Types

Imagining a vehicle without tyres is impossible. A tyre is a ring-shaped part that surrounds a circumference of wheels. It shifts a vehicle’s load from the wheels to the ground and offers friction grip on the road. Most of the tyres are pneumatically inflated and offer an elastic cushion which absorbs shock wave as the tyre rolls over irregular surfaces. Tyres offer a footmark that is intended to match the load of the vehicle with the bearing strength.

Our four-wheeler vehicle tyres Huddersfield, are classified into various categories based on their usage. These are as follows:

  • 4×4 tyres: These tyres are specifically designed for tarmac roads by traction maintenance. These tyres also offer their best performance on off-road conditions like grass, mud, and dirt. They can do so because they have deeper treads and the space between them is also huge. These tyres also offer increased rolling resistance.
  • Summer Tyres: A better all-round performance suitable for driving in the months those are warmer. To adapt to dry as well as wet roads, these tyres are made of a hard compound that softens when the temperatures are milder. These tyres have a lesser number of sipes and are specifically designed for minimizing aquaplaning. They also provide a better grip not only longitudinally, but also laterally. They also have a simple block-shaped tread pattern which excels in proving a large footprint on the road.
  • Winter tyres: As the name suggests these tyres are the best option for driving in the condition where the road is covered with ice or snow. These tyres have a different tread pattern which enhances the grip on slippery snowy surfaces. These tyres are made up of rubber which does not harden in the winter season and thus provides the necessary grip on slippery surfaces.
  • All-season tyres: These tyres are specifically developed for regions that experience moderate climate. For places like the United Kingdom, where moderate climate like wet conditions and light winters are commonly observed, these tyres can prove to be fruitful. They offer superior road contact along with excellent road grip, and low noise throughout the year.
  • Performance tyres: These are the tyres known to provide speed. They’re generally found in sports cars. These tyres are designed to offer sporty handling, fast responsiveness, and superior grip.

The selection of the tyres is done based on the driving preferences, geographical aspects, vehicle specifications, and tyre manufacturer specifications. Hillam Tyres are the well-known centre that provides a sound piece of advice to its customer and offers them the best possible option when it comes to selecting the best tyre. The centre is known for providing products and services of the highest quality. We offer services of the mobile-tyre fitting, car accessories repair, car maintenance services, and Tyre Repair Huddersfield customers can take advantage of. It is because of this reason customers have placed their trust in us. We have a wide variety of tyres from the top-most tyre manufacturing organizations like Dunlop, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Continental, and Michelin. With this huge range of tyres available with us, you are sure to identify the tread pattern that is best suited for your vehicle and road.