Understand the importance of tyres to make a wise selection for your vehicle

What according to you is the most important part of a car? The breaks, the engine or the steering wheel? Well, you might find it interesting to know that tyres are considered as the most vital part of any car. They are also one of the most overlooked features in a modern-day vehicle. They are essential to ensure safe driving as they are the only contact between the road and the vehicle.

Vital Functions of a Car

  • Support the weight of the vehicle
  • Are shock absorbers for vibrations from the road
  • Maintain steering and directional control
  • Provide adequate grip for acceleration and braking
  • Boost the overall performance of the vehicle

To have good driving experience, you must wisely choose the type of tyre that suits your driving condition, vehicle along with keeping your preference in mind.

Finding the right tyre

There are primarily 3 types of tyres to understand and make a choice from:

1. Summer Tyres

Summer tyres are engineered to perform best in warm temperatures. They feature a symmetrical tread pattern that is designed to deliver performance on both wet and dry roads. This pattern increases the responsiveness and braking abilities at high speed. They are made with a soft rubber compound helping them flex on the road surface during dry and wet weather conditions.

2.Winter Tyres

Winter tyres or also known as Snow tyres offer extra safety while driving in colder months. The grooves in the tyre are deeper and wider that help in maintaining the grip and forming a larger channel for the snow to pass through. These tyres contain natural rubber and silica which does not harden in the cold weather. The tiny grooves of these tyres bite into the snow dispersing water at a faster rate ensuring more traction.

3. All-Season Tyres

All-season tyres, also known as All-weather tyres are designed for use in regions with moderate weather conditions throughout the year. These tyres are good enough if they are used in temperatures that do not drop below 5 degree Celsius. They essentially combine the varied elements of both the summer and winter tyres, ultimately providing a longer tread life. However, they cannot be substituted with the performance of either the summer or winter specialist tyres.

Maintenance of the tyres

Once you have made the selection of the tyre, you need to ensure that they are well taken care of. Tyres Wolverhampton requires regular maintenance to continue operating efficiently. The tyre pressure should be correct to help prolong its life and performance. The tread patterns and depth of the tyre need to be checked regularly to improve its safety as well as handling. The wheel alignment and tyre rotation also need to be checked to ensure their longevity.

To make a wise selection, visit us, at Firststop Auto Centre, and we would help you understand the various nuances of a tyre. With a wide range of high-quality tyres, you could also book your Continental Tyres Bilston online with us.