Understanding some important aspects of your car tyres

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Every car owner knows how important is it to look after your car well. Only if you care well for your car, it will provide you and your family with safety and comfort. When it comes to the maintenance of your car, your Bridgestone Tyres Birmingham are often the most neglected part of your car. It should not, however, be ignored. After all, it depends on your safety.

Why should you regularly change the tyres of your car?

Your car tyres have something known as “the tread”. This tread ring is about your wheel’s ability to maintain a grip on wet road surfaces. If your tyre has good tread, even on a road that does not have the right driving conditions, it can stop, accelerate and easily turn.

The tread of the tyres starts to wear out with regular wear and tear.

This will affect your tyre’s capability to grab the road, thereby putting all concerned at a safety hazard. When you are servicing your car on a regular basis, your mechanic will be able to inform you when your car’s tyres need to be changed. Your tyres, even though the vehicle is in an accident, can look worn out by constant wear and tear during driving.

When should you change your car tyres?

A pneumatic tyre, even if not worn out, must be replaced every 4 – 6 years. This is essential for vehicle safety. But the tyres must be checked much more often to determine if they have to be altered earlier or not.

It’s time to opt for a new tyre if you see that the tyre has now worn out. Usually, during every oil change and when your car gets serviced, the mechanic checks your tyres. A good trainer can find all of the signs on the tread and help you change your car tyres.

In case your car has been a part of an accident, then you must get your tyres replaced as they might have occurred severe damage as well.

You will have to control and change your wheels more often if you particularly drive on difficult road conditions. Driving along bumper roads, roads with plenty of potholes, wet roads, extreme climatic conditions, driving on ice or snow, etc. can be part of this.

We have also mentioned some of the reasons for premature wearing of your tyres:

1. Driving habits

  • Driving on uneven road surfaces

  • Frequent braking habits

2. Driving with improper wheels and tyres

  • Wheel sizes and rims that are not mutually compatible

  • Reinflate a tyre that is punctured or heavily deflated

  • The use of snow and ice pumps for the summer season

3. If you notice a hole of 6 mm diameter in the tread, you must change your tyres

4. In the event of any damage or distortion in the sidewall of the tyre, you shouldn’t get it repaired.

When you need to change your tyres, what signs are there to look for?

Knowing your car is important. Regularly inspect your car and look for pull damage signs. These may include a punctured, deflated tyre, damaged areas, damaged valve caps, uneven roll-over or shallow rolling on your tyre tubes. If you see any such signs, you must take your vehicle to a service centre as quickly as possible and change your Car Tyres Birmingham.

It is also important to detect certain discrepancies in your car and get it repaired. If you feel the car is unstable, sliding in a rough direction, it is important to take your car immediately to the service centre. The experienced mechanics will diagnose and inform you if your wheels have to be altered properly, and they will recommend the best wheels and tyres, for optimum safety and comfort, for your car.