Understanding The Difference Between A Car Tyre And A Motorcycle Tyre

Tyres for all kinds of vehicles come in different shapes, sizes and designs. But there’s a huge difference between a car tyre and a motorcycle tyre. However, you may find done identical features between the two as well. Now, talking about tyres in common, they should be treated with care and regularly serviced as they are the only point of reference between the vehicle and the road surface. Timely and routine checkups for both car and motorcycle tyres are necessary to maintain the performance of the vehicle. There are several dissimilarities in both car and bike tyres, the construction of car tyres is very different from that of bike tyres. Car ones are flat and do not contain the sidewall that tilts towards the end of the rim. On the other hand, motorcycle tyres are typically round and not flat, they are made by a huge mixture of physics and chemistry that is used in the design of the bike tyres.

Irrespective of the vehicle, the tyres are mainly created to make the bike or car accelerate using the engine motorized force to run forward on the ground using friction. It is not about car tyres or bike tyres, it about how good are the quality of those Hankook Tyres Cheltenham, to provide you with a safe and comfortable ride. No matter how good is the braking system, the quality of your tyres ensure you safe braking. You must probably know that the bike tyres are a bit tough as compared to the car tyres. Today, people ignore the most used part of the vehicle, which are tyres, and it’s the badest idea to neglect them. With the surface similarity of car tyres and motorcycle, tyres do have a difference, car tyres are 4 wheelers and bike tyres are 2 wheels, this is not exactly a difference between the tyres of both the vehicle but, it is a major point of difference between the two vehicles. Most car tyres and bike tyres are black, round and are made using rubber, the type of rubber compound used may differ but the main component i.e rubber is the same in both of them.

Some people keep so good care for the car tyres and on the other hand, they do even think about looking at the condition of the bike tyres and where both of them need equal care to perform flexibly, in fact, the bike tyre needs extra care as you have only two tyres to support you if anyhow one fails to respond, you can badly lose control of the vehicle, as your bike cannot work on only one tyre. If we think of the same situation with the car, if you suffer a problem with one tyre, you can easily depend on the other three tyres without any problems. Car tyres are much safer than bike tyres as they have more support. Riding and going on a journey is all fun if your tyres work smoothly without any problems that compromise safety. Hence, taking care of your tyres, whether they are cars or bikes, should be a compulsory task to be followed. Below are a few points that should be taken care of for motorcycle tyres.

Tyre Pressure- you should maintain the manufacturer recommended tyre pressure for your motorcycle tyre. You need to search for your vehicle’s owner’s manual to check the correct amount of tyre pressure needed for your vehicle. Under inflation and overinflation should be strictly avoided. Even if you do not drive your motorcycle on daily basis, you can still lose little air every week. Hence, check your tyres air pressure every week to ensure excellent front and rear air pressure.

Tyre Tread- this is one of the most overlooked and most important parts of your vehicle that also needs to be checked frequently as your tyres are always in contact with the road and get worn out with time.

Tyre Cleaning- you must keep your vehicle and its tyres clean and mud-free. Sometimes cleaning gets boring, so you can get it done by a garage, but keep it clean. Tyres Cheltenham is the most used part of any vehicle and for its prolonged life it should be kept neat and clean. Make a habit of cleaning your vehicle every week to make it look fresh and shiny.