Unravel the Secrets of Continental Tyres – On Fast Track for Almost 150 Years!

Recognized for its virtuoso expertise in tyre making; Continental tyre is the pick of the bunch. The birth land being in Germany, this company has been striving to provide safety on the road since 1871.

With time, they attained the status of a universal brand. If you consider the current competitive market, Continental tyres in Northampton and other places still hold a strong position amongst a plethora of leading companies.

Hence, the pertinent question hits: what made these tyres keep going for the last 147 years?

Here’s the story of Continental tyres’ happy journey –

So, it goes back to the late 1800s when cars were still confined in dreams of mad inventors. Continental initiated with manufacturing bicycle tyres, and eventually, with the revolution of the automobile industry, the makers embarked on cars.

From then onwards, Continental tyre had a successful ride in business beating all and had an extensive reach worldwide including the UK and its cities.

Why People Use Continental Car Tyres In Northampton?

Continental tyres Northampton cater to a substantial need for every car user in the town. Here are the following reasons for its popularity.

Premiere Types:

Continental tyres provide a wide range of tailor-made tyres for all seasons:

  • Summer Tyre

The climate in summer won’t adapt according to your car tyres. However, Continental’s tyres can beat the weather with its summer range. These kinds guarantee a sturdy grip on dry and wet roads because of the manifestation of the specialised tread pattern.

Additionally, these tyres also strive to deliver high driving stability along the curves during the scorching heat of summer.

So, if you are looking for a set of summer car tyres in Northampton, consider the exclusive range from Continental.

  • Winter Tyre

Driving a car on the roads of Northampton in winter can be a pleasing experience with Continental winter tyres. The winter tyres manufactured by this brand gives every effort to safeguard its users from unwanted incidents.

  • All Seasonal Tyre

Keeping the fickle weather of the UK in mind, Continental tyre gifts its customers with all-weather tyres designed to beat the heat and set the road on fire.

Superlative Grip:

The brand manufactures the best set of rubber tyres that offer an extra grip. For this reason, one out of three cars in Northampton is fitted with Continental tyres.

Independent Tyre Test:

To ensure your security including safety and performance, these tyres undergo a lot of filter tests by estimable independent experts and journalists around the globe.

For its transparency and honesty, a lot of reputed garages stock Continental tyres. If you are looking to buy a brand new set for your car, you can check out the extensive range of Jackson MOT Centre tyres Northampton and choose the best one for your vehicle.

Best Brakes:

Makers of this prime quality tyre understand different roads and hence, know how crucial proper road grip can be. With the aid of cutting-edge technology, Continental implied a new principle called ContiSeal™ which makes your tyres unstoppable even after they get punctured.

Safety is The Heart:

Yes! The secret behind its sustainability amidst other hi-tech automotive inventions is its primary concern about safety. Along with developing technologically adorned tyres, Continental always values riders’ lives. Hence, for this noble reason, Continental tyres have undeniably stayed the people’s choice for over 147 years!

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