Various Vehicle Servicing Programs Demystified

Anything you need is somewhere else in this world, and it’s your vehicle that takes you to that somewhere. Hence, keeping your motor car up to date all the time is of utmost importance, and regular servicing helps you with that. Most drivers stick to the regimented service schedule recommended by their car maker, but what about those who do not follow their vehicle’s logbook servicing schedule? Well, it might be a bit tricky for them to suss out one service terminology for their vehicle out of three. Yes, the vehicle servicing has been stratified as ‘minor service’, ‘interim service’ and ‘major service’, on the basis of age and mileage of that particular vehicle. Although the cost factor plays a major role in determining the decision of many car users, a trustworthy and safe vehicle always pushes it aside.

Deciphering Three Major Vehicle Servicing Terminologies

A proper vehicle service schedule may vary depending on your car’s age, model, and mileage. However, the below-given text will help you in getting a basic idea about the various types of services offered by the UK’s service centres, and of course in understanding the service need of your vehicle:

1. Minor (or Basic or General) Car Service: This service majorly focuses on the replacement of the engine oil and engine oil filter in petrol vehicles, and fuel filter drain in diesel vehicles. However, it also includes a change of other components, if found faulty, only after taking the customer’s consent. In addition to this, chassis lubrication, inspections of all fluids (windscreen washer, power steering fluid, coolant and brake fluid), filters, belts, hoses, brakes, emissions and all lights are also a part of minor service.

2. Interim Car Service: You can choose this service type in between the normal service intervals recommended by your manufacturer. Interim service includes examining and correcting levels of the fluids such as anti-freeze coolant, brake fluid, and screen washer. Furthermore, it will check your engine’s condition (plugs and filter), batteries, lights, and tyres. However, no additional mechanical checks will be conducted until any particular part needs special attention.

3. Major Or Full Car Service: From major service you can expect numerous checks besides an engine oil and engine oil filter change. Most servicing experts suggest you take your vehicle for full service once every 18 months (or 20,000 miles) as part of your vehicle’s maintenance programme. Let’s have a look at the below mentioned list of services covered by the major service you can expect from your repairer:

  • Replacements: oil, oil filter, pollen filter (4yr, 8yr), spark plugs (optional), air filter (4yr, 8yr), fuel filter, key fob battery, and brake fluid (optional)

  • Health And Safety Inspections: indicators, lights and signalling devices, wipers and wash system

  • Checks and Adjustments: coolant level (anti-freeze), fluid level (if needed), windscreen wash, brake fluid, drive belts, and ribbed belts

  • Inspection For Leaks, Faults And Deterioration: power steering, transmission and air conditioning compressor for leaks, front and rear brakes, engine, suspension and software updates (to be done)

  • Other Checks: wheel alignment cooling system, clutch repairs, brake service, rear axle and minor as well as major engine repairs

There Are Always Exceptions To The Rule!

Actually, there is no hard and fast rule, that you will get a fixed set of inspections and repairs at every service centre. For example, some vehicle makers recommend tyre rotation as a part of the minor service while others do not. It’s better to explain to your repairer if you are experiencing any issue with any particular item; he/she will suggest if further work is required before your next service. As far as part/s replacement is concerned, not all mechanics are able to determine that at what mileage various components need replacement even after reading the car’s service manuals. This component can be any out of those such as spark plugs, timing belts, cabin filters, and fuel filters. Every car manufacturer has different recommendations in accordance with vehicle type and model. That is why we suggest you replace any component if it is recommended and fits within your budget.

Stop Shilly-Shallying And Make A Decision Now!

It is no more a secret that one person’s car is another person’s scenery. Is it really worth skimping on car maintenance? No. However, we agree that choosing the best vehicle service centre is snafu nowadays. Here’s the solution – dial +44 1604750330 and talk to our service specialist about all your doubts. Small or complex, our service team is highly skilled to fix any problem. Drop your car at Jackson MOT or book your Car Service in Northampton online at to gain a safe, light-hearted car owning experience.

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