Visiting a Professional Tyre Fitter Helps You Avoid These Common Mistakes

Newbie tyre technicians and DIY-enthusiasts often make critical errors when they take on the arduous task of fitting tyres. It is hardly an easy procedure and requires years of experience. Only professionally trained and qualified technicians can help you adequately in Tyre Fitting in Mansfield, for example.

Specific errors can cause dangerous accidents and can even lead to fatalities. Professional service stations do not make these errors. They caution against seeking non-qualified wheel fitting.

Whenever you purchase new tyres, you must seek out a competent Tyre Fitting Garage in Mansfield as well.

Wheel Fitting Errors to Avoid

These are some of the most common mistakes that many untrained fitters make. Accompanying them is what professional tyre technicians do.

Error 1: Misplacing the Locking Key

Often, the nut locking key is either lost or misplaced during the fitting process. It is a fundamental error and causes serious issues later. Most customers are unaware that their car tyres have a locking nut. If you lose the key, you won’t be able to replace or mend a damaged tyre.

Experts: Most reliable and professional service stations like Dallas Street Tyres make it a policy to return the key to their clients once the service session is complete. They also offer a wide array of other vehicular services including MOT checks and repairs other than retailing quality tyres and batteries.

Error 2: Not Paying Attention to the TPMS

Many technicians do not show too much care when replacing the TPMS mechanism. They end up shovelling the sensor inside the tyre and breaking off the valve stem. It disables the TPMS. Most TPMS sensors lie at an angle to the valve and do not lie flat with the wheel.

Experts: They place a great deal of attention when replacing the TPMS. Most experts unscrew the collet nut once the tyre is devoid of its air inside. Alternatively, they make sure the valve stem is at 1 o’clock position when the TPMS is being dismounted. It is another reason to choose a competent Tyre Fitting Garage in Mansfield carefully.

Error 3: Over-Torqueing

Another common but avoidable mistake is over-torqueing. It highlights the inexperience of the technicians too. It is mostly caused by an impact gun without any factoring in torque protection. Experts solve the matter using their experience and prevent over-torqueing from happening.

Experts: Almost all experts use a torque stick alongside their impact gun. It is a vital piece of insider knowledge that only professionals possess.

Error 4: Damaging the Wheel Rim

The rims of most wheel assemblies are not made out of sturdy metal. It can be damaged easily and, in most cases, may also crack under too much pressure. These cracks will then spread to other sections of a wheel assembly and cause severe damage.

Experts: All professionals use extra caution when refitting a tyre. Whenever you need fitment services, you should always opt for a Tyre Fitting Garage Mansfield that is high-quality and punctual.

Note that after fitting new tyres, a session of aligning and balancing them is also essential.