Want to change the tyre size? This is what you should know

Want to buy the tyres of a different size than those recommended by the vehicle manufacturer?

There are certain legal requirements you need to meet before taking this step. You may have different reasons for trying a different tyre size but it is equally important to ensure that the guidelines are being followed.

The Ministry of Transport has laid down some strict rules for drivers wanting to switch to a different size than the recommended one. This is done to ensure that your modified vehicle is still safe to drive. You need to make sure that you are not putting your or anyone else’s life in danger. 

Have a look at the legal requirements: 

  • The new tyre size you are going to use is limited to some measurements. Its diameter should not be more than 15 mm larger or 26 mm smaller than the original size.
  • The new tyres should be free of defects and the tread depth must be over 1.5mm.
  • The rims and the tyres should not extend beyond the wheel area, including the flares.
  • The stud hole pitch circle diameter of the rim should suit the hub.
  • Any spacer or adapter should not be fitted anywhere, except for the areas provided by the manufacturer.
  • You should maintain the accuracy of the speedometer for the new tyre and rim combination.

The above-mentioned points are for light knowledge. However, it is best to consult a professional before changing the size of the tyres Shenstone. The professional will provide you with insights and recommendations. This way you will save yourself from unnecessary trouble.

Apart from buying a new pair of tyres, there are certain things you should keep in mind to prolong their life. No one likes to see their money being dumped into a useless product.

Brand: Cheap tyres can excite and attract you. But all the cheap tyres are not worth your money and time. Always buy tyres from reputed brands. They provide warranties and use premium quality material to make their tyres. This helps you save money in the long run. There is no chance of uneven or irregular tread. Branded tyres come with a price tag but they last long and provide comfort. 

Air pressure: This is one thing we take for granted. We neglect the tyre pressure and keep going with our journeys. It is advised that you check your tyre pressure every week. This helps you avoid under or over-inflation. Inadequate inflation in tyres makes them prone to damages. The chances of a tyre puncture and uneven tread wear increase significantly.

Driving style: We have our specific ways of driving. But some habits directly affect tyre life. If you are a rash driver you should stop doing that. It is dangerous for your life and at the same time, it affects your tyre life. 

After going through this write-up, you are now ready to buy new tyres and rule the road. 

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