Ways of Tyre Fitting


Tyres are what the whole vehicle is supported by and rolls on. These tyres face an immense amount of friction for that reason and so they are susceptible to damage. Moreover, daily wearing cannot be avoided completely if the tyres are in use. Also with time tyres grow old and so whether they are used or not, you have to replace them.

What is it?

Tyre fitting is necessary for every car and so it is better to be aware of the process as well as what it is. Though tyre fitting can be done by you with proper instruments, it is advisable to get it done by a professional. Even with proper tools, Tyre Fitting Manchester can be really tough and time taking for a layman. Professionals develop the required skills for this job over time and due to constant practice and so they shall finish it in no time.

Why Do We Need Professionals?

There are other reasons for advising to take professional help as fitting a tyre can sometimes be dangerous too. Necessary precaution must be taken before the job, which they take. Even, wrongly fitted Tyres Manchester can be a big issue and so it is easier to trust skilled technicians for it.

Tyre Fitting Procedure

There are certain stages for fitting new tyres. We shall now discuss the proper procedure for it here.

Wheel removal from the car: the first step for tyre fitting cannot be anything else but removing the wheels and detaching them from the vehicle. To start detaching the wheels firstly, the car has to be empty and shut down with the hand brake pulled up. Then using the tyre filter all the nuts of the wheels shall be loosened. After that, the car needs to be raised on a hydraulic lift for allowing the wheels to not touch the ground. Now all the four wheels can be taken out.

Fitting Tyres

After taking out the old tyres, the valve insert of the wheels needs to be taken out too and deflate the tyres. Then with the tyre spreader, the old tyres shall be taken off the wheel rims.

Choosing the right tyres is the next important choice and once you get the new ones the mounting process starts. Lubrication of the rims and the tyre beads are the next thing to do. Only then can the new tyres get on the valves. The tyres can be mounted with the help of tyre spreader onto the wheels.

Tyres then need to be inflated. For that, the car wheels should be mounted on a hanging machine positively. The inflation can take some considerable amount of time which is why wheels should stick to the mounting machine. The next step and also the important one is to maintain the proper tyre pressure. The pressure is checked with the requirement of the vehicle manufacturer. Now only the wheels will be needed to be fixed on the car and set it up on the ground for running again.

Though it sounds simple, the whole process is way more complex. So why take the trouble? Just dial us at Manchester Tyre Services and we shall help you out with your tyre fitting and also any other tyre issue.

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