What Affects my Car Tyres and When to Replace Them?

Do you ever check the tyres of your car? If not, then it’s probably time for you to start examining them. Tyres are one of the most significant components of a car. The safety of a driver depends on a lot on the condition of tyres. We cannot ignore the importance of the tyres since they are the only part of the car which are directly touching the roads.

In fact, they are the ones that bear all the callousness of the roads and make you feel comfortable inside your car. This thought mustn’t have crossed your mind till date. Well, you must keep checking them regularly, and look for the replacement, if any. If you aren’t adept at doing so, then learn the art of doing this. That’s what this blog is going to do. You’ll know when to replace your Michelin tyres Leamington SpaWe’ll commence with the factors that affect the shelf-life of a tyre.

What affects the tyres?

There are multiple factors that affect the performance of your tyres. Some of them are –   

 Bad roads

Roads loaded with potholes or uneven surfaces contribute immensely towards the deteriorating condition of your tyres.

 Individual driving style

Spinning the wheels too fast or applying the brakes abruptly most of the times worsens the tyres Leamington Spa further. 

 High speed –

This increases the temperature of the tyre, thus making it wear faster.

Placement of the tyres  

Front wheels wear out faster as compared to the rear ones.

 Tyre pressure  

Both under-inflated and over-inflated tyres can prove fatal in the long term.

Excess Load –

Immoderately loaded car exerts pressure on the tyres, which is not good for them. 

 Misalignment of the tyres  

This can also lead to quick wear and tear of the tyre. 

 Extreme temperature

Rain, ice, strong sunlight, oil, grease also have a role in depreciating the value of your tyre.


Wheel and rims that are of different sizes also make the condition worse.

How to know when to replace the tyres?   

Check the tread depth of the tyre 

Examining the tread depth of your tyre is extremely important. The legal tread depth in the UK is specified to be 1.6mm. You can do a 20 pence test to check the depth yourself. For this, you insert a 20p coin into the grooves of your Michelin tyres. If the rim of the coin is shrouded from your view, then you are above the minimum depth. Else, you need to change your tyre. You can also use a tread depth indicator for more accuracy.

 Get the tyre pressure checked 

Both under inflation and over inflation is perilous for your tyres. Ideally, you must do it once in a fortnight. You can check the owner’s manual to check the exact figure.

 Spare tyre 

The spare tyre should be replaced after 10 years, even if it hasn’t been used at all. 

 Check for any visible damage

Take your car to a professional if you find any bulges, visible perforation, deformation or cuts in the sidewall of the tyres Leamington Spa, a tyre expert can advise you correctly regarding the replacement. 

 Check the age of the tyre –   

This can be seen on the sidewall of the tyre in the form of 4-digit numbers. The first two tell us about the week the tyre was manufactured in, and the last two talk about its year. 

The maximum life of the tyres is said to be 10 years, and that too if you drive them with caution. Otherwise, be alert, once your tyres get 6 years old. Take care of your tyres, and they’ll take care of you.