What Are The Problems Attached To The Air Conditioner of your Car?

The sky is full of stars, and street lamps are lighting the road yellow. Suddenly your air conditioner stops functioning. You try to cool down the heat inside your passenger’s cabin by lowering your window panes. What do you find? The air outside is comparatively hotter than the cabin itself. The sweat starts to drip down your forehead; suddenly, your t-shirt is drenched in the pool of your own sweat. A tense situation, Don’t you agree? And if your better half asks for why the AC is not working? What will be your reply?

Therefore, our experts suggest that you should get your AC checked before setting onto a summer trip. We don’t want you to get in any uncomfortable situation. Hence, we would like to tell you a little more about the things that can go wrong with your air conditioner:

1. Low on Refrigerant: Refrigerant of your car’s air conditioner is responsible for taking the heat out from the passenger’s compartment. The heat in the air is absorbed by the refrigerant, which is taken to the compressor of the AC. When the refrigerant is low, it will not be able to absorb the heat efficiently. Low refrigerant is one of the most common problems with air conditioners. Refrigerant can get low because of a leak or any other physical damage. Make sure to get your refrigerant topped up and all leaks fixed before you take your vehicle on a trip.

2. Compressor Cycle Problem: Compressor of an AC pressurises the air that is brought by the refrigerant. Compressing the air under high pressure makes it ready for the next condensation process. If the compressor takes more time to compress the air, it will lead to the slow cooling of the AC. Any problem with a compressor should be checked and corrected immediately, as compressor repairs can prove out to be costly.

3. Damaged Condenser or Blocked System: The most crucial part of your AC; condenser, makes the cooling possible. Condenser sends in the cool condensed air into the passenger’s cabin back. This makes the cooling cycle complete. As things are that important, any repair will not come cheap. If there is something wrong with the condenser, it is imperative to get it fixed as soon as possible. Another problem that can be sought is the blockage of the whole system. If there is any lingering debris or dirt of significant size present in the system, it will hinder the complete process. Therefore, our technicians suggest you to get your air conditioner checked with an expert in case of any failure.

Don’t make your trip of leisure get turned into a trip of irritation and anger. If you are facing any difficulty with the cooling system in your car, get it checked with us today. We, at Speed Repair, provide all kinds of Car Service Bewdley. To help you get back onto the roads with everything in place, drive your vehicle to us today.

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