What happens when you run with the wrong air pressure in your car tyres

Maybe you treat it as a minor issue but the wrong air pressure in tyres can create huge problems at times. Your tyres create direct contact with the road surface. Therefore, they are vital for your car driving. If you observe, your tyres run on the roads with the help of air.

In the absence of air, your Bridgestone Tyres Reading would not be able to run on the road with proper efficiency. They will lose their elasticity and rigidness at the same time without proper air pressure. So, you have to be careful about the air pressure in your tyres.

In fact, there are a lot of maintenance rules to preserve car tyres. Checking the air pressure is one of the most important guidelines.

What is the correct air pressure?

The level of correct air pressure is not universal for car tyres. Different models of tyres run on different levels of air pressure. Commercial vehicles, personal cars, buses and trucks do not have similar inflation levels.

You can determine the correct air pressure for your vehicle easily. You have to look at the user manual that you get with your vehicle. Follow the guidelines of your user guide.

Your tyres are facing under inflation if the air pressure level is below the correct level. Similarly, your tyres are experiencing overinflation if the air pressure is higher than the correct inflation level.

Both conditions are not favourable for your car tyres.

Negative effects of overinflation

If you drive your car on over-inflated tyres, you will feel as if you are driving on bumps. This bouncy effect of high air pressure will affect driving comfort and road safety.

Tyres with high air pressure will decrease the contact area while running on the road surface. As a result, driving on these tyres will become a difficult task.

Overinflation in tyres is dangerous in wet conditions. As mentioned above, high air pressure in tyres will decrease the size of the contact patch. As a result, your tyres struggle to maintain proper grip and traction even on dry roads. On wet roads, they would be able to help you to gain proper traction. This condition is ideal for hydroplaning.

High air pressure in car tyres will affect the braking ability as well.

Conclusively, high air pressure is risky in terms of handling, driving comfort, and road safety.

Tyres with high air pressure will show signs of wear and tear in the middle part of the tread.

Negative effects of underinflation in tyres

Low air pressure in car tyres also causes several problems. Low air pressure clearly means that a large area of rubber touches the road surface. When a larger area is rubbed with the surface, the area of friction and heat will increase at the same time. Heat and friction are two prime factors to reduce the total life of your car tyres.

A tyre with low pressure is similar to a flat tyre. It will lose proper elasticity and rigidness to run on the road with proper efficiency. Moreover, the level of rolling resistance will increase if you keep the low air pressure in your tyres. A higher level of rolling resistance will increase the consumption of fuel as well.

Tyres with low air pressure are risky in wet and snowy conditions. They will allow more water to accumulate underneath their surface. As a result, the chances of hydroplaning are always higher on wet roads.

Your tyres will show signs of tread wear on both sides of the tyre tread due to low air pressure.

Factors that change the level of air pressure

Hot weather will increase the air pressure and in cold months, you will observe low air pressure in your tyres.

In summer months, molecules of hot air will dance quickly to expand the air inside the tyres. As a result, air pressure will increase in hot months. On the other hand, air pressure will go down due to the slow movement of the air.

Tyres naturally lose some air because of the tiny pores of the rubber material. Moreover, damage in the bead or rim can promote loss of air as well. Tyres will lose air pressure due to punctures and small cracks that may occur due to ageing.

Air pressure in tyres may increase due to a hot surface, friction, and high speed as well.

Final words

As you see, air pressure is vital for car tyres. It is better you check the air pressure in your Tyres Reading at regular intervals. Make sure the air pressure is at the correct level whenever you drive your car. Checking the air pressure will not only increase the performance level but it will increase the total life of your tyres as well. You have to note that checking the air pressure in cold tyres will provide the correct reading. So, do not check the air pressure after a long trip.