What is an EICR and How does It Work

An EICR is an Electrical Installation Condition Report which aims to evaluate and assess the condition of electrical installation in a property. Professionals submit this report after testing the electrical condition of the property. Generally, electrical installation is not visible to us as it becomes an intangible asset in our house, and therefore, it becomes almost impossible to know if there is any wear or loss in the quality of the wires, electrical pipes and other types of equipment.

EICR is proof that electrical installation in the property is safe, and therefore it is an important document to have. According to experts, one should get their electrical installation tested every ten years. Superior Electrical Services highly recommends getting an EICR every 5 years or when a new tenant moves in for rental properties. There are other reasons why EICR needs to be carried out –

  • If the installation is very old, then it should be inspected more frequently
  • A property that has a swimming pool in it should carry out EICR for the pool area in 1 year
  • Change in tenants
  • Environmental and climatic conditions
  • Natural disasters like a thunderstorm and heavy rainfall
  • Any damage to the installation

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How to know if your installation is old?

There are signs by which you can tell that your installation is old and its time for a replacement –

  • Fixed cables coated in black rubber are obsolete now. They are not in use since the 1960s. If your fixed cables have black rubber, that means they are old now.
  • If the fixed cable is coated in lead or fabric, that is also a replacement sign since these were used before the 1960s.
  • Nowadays, white or silver switches are used. If you still have black or brown switches, change them.
  • Modern fuse boxes do not have wooden back, iron cast switches or a mixture of both.
  • If there are round pin sockets, braided flex hanging from the ceiling, then your property needs an EICR inspection.

It is important to know that there is no legal requirement of an EICR as per the law in many places, you can rent your house without the report, but EICR is still carried out as it gives immense satisfaction to the property owner. EICR is just a document that comes into existence after a thorough checkup and testing of the installation, and hence it is very cost-effective. The yearly cost of carrying out an EICR Report Northampton is very less than the cost of whitewash, plumbing, car servicing etc.

An EICR aims to provide a correct periodic report on the electrical installation, and they are divided into five main categories –

Damage or Loss

The first and foremost objective of an EICR report is to find out if there is any damage to the wiring or some loss in the installation. The professional electrician mentions such kinds of loss in the report.

IET Wiring Regulation

Another important aim of an EICR is to determine if all the electrical equipment meets the IET wiring regulations.

Electric Shock Protection

EICR report is essential for safety, and thus it aims to check if there is an electrical component that could cause shock. Information about any such appliances is also mentioned in the EICR.

Keeping Record of Installation Condition

EICR keeps a record of the condition of electrical installation at the time of testing for future use.

Recording the Results

Finally, after thoroughly testing and inspecting all the fixed wirings, switches etc., it records the results to ensure that your installation is safe.

There are two types of EICR for domestic purpose. These are periodic inspection report, and visual conditions report. A visual conditions report does not require testing, and it can be done easily. However, it is suitable only if there is a new installation. On the other hand, a periodic inspection report is a thorough inspection of all the electrical components and is considered the better option.   

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