What is not covered in a tyre warranty?

Being someone who does not know much about vehicles or tyres, you were looking for a safe and secure option. Buying or maintaining vehicle components can be quite expensive. No one wishes to lose the investments they have made. Therefore, like any other human being, you looked for ways through which the investment could be retained in case of any problem. One day you come across something known as a ‘tyre warranty’. The scheme supposedly promised to replace your tyres in case of any problems. You got excited and bought the tyres. However, when the problem did arrive, and you went back for replacement, you were told that the tyres cannot be replaced.

You might get confused or even furious. However, did you make a mistake? Yes. Buying a warranted tyre is not a mistake; the mistake is to buy anything based on a policy you are not aware of. The ‘warranty’ is applicable in specific cases. It is not like you can go to replace the tyres in case of any and every problem. This article aims to inform the customers regarding what issues are NOT covered in the warranty.

The following are not covered in a warranty:

Normal wear

The functionality of the tyre depends on two components- tyre tread and rubber compound. It is the rubber compound that helps the tyre form a grip on the road surface. In turn, this helps the car to move with the assistance of the frictional force. The process is called traction, and the tyre tread enhances it. The tread depth ensures a better grip. Moreover, the tyre tread design has multiple functions, for example- noise-free performance, directional stability, cornering ability, specific gripping ability on wet or dry road surfaces, and resistance to aquaplaning.

It is to note that the tyre wears when it moves on the road surface. The rubber tends to wear evenly if the vehicle is driven properly. However, if your driving habits are not tyre-friendly, or there is wear due to factors other than a manufacturing defect, then it will not be covered in the warranty policy. Anything that occurs as a mistake on your part is not the responsibility of either the manufacturer or the seller. That is why, while buying a tyre due to a warranty policy, you must realise that some responsibility still resides with you.

Maintenance and accident damage

The tyres need to be regularly checked and maintained. This consists of many things- keeping the tyre pressure in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, regularly checking the tyre tread depth, and training oneself with good driving habits are some important factors that vehicle owners need to consider. Remember, drivers play a key part and can influence how well the tyre performs and lasts. If you do not look after your tyres, they will wear more quickly. If the tyre expert spots premature wear or damage caused due to lack of maintenance, then the tyres will not be subject to replacement.

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