What is so special about Aoteli tyres?

A China-based tyre brand, Aoteli is owned by the Shengtai company. The company also owns other tyre brands like AAA, Yatai, Yatong, Sanjia, Shengtai, and Omega. The tyres produced by this company are reliable as well as durable too. The company started production back in 2002 at Dongying City situated in the Shandong Province of China. Since then the export has never stopped. The company has been trying its best to make its place in the European tyre industry, and to some extent, it has gained a considerable foot too.

Talking particularly about Aoteli as a brand- its tyres are produced by employing the finest German, Japanese, and Dutch technology. Aoteli tyres have specialised features that make them unique and different. The technological advancement has it possible for the tyres to be- (I) highly reliable tyres, (II) tyres with perfect traction and control, (III) tyres with responsiveness, (IV) tyres with the ability to cope with any weather, and (V) tyres with stability even on the most unforgiving roads. It is owing to these features that Aoteli Tyres have been able to gain a firm stand in the tyres Manchester market.

Below are the best models from the brand.


Aoteli ECOLANDER ensures excellent performance on wet road surfaces. It is to note that the tyre has improved braking responsiveness to reduce stopping distances. Safety is a measure that the manufacturer never compromises upon. It is upon this fact that Aoteli has been able to command utmost trust within its customers. Also, this tyre provides a reduced rolling resistance. Overall, Aoteli ECOLANDER assures a customer with an outstanding level of comfort and reliability. The tread pattern of this tyre is suited for vehicles from brands like Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Chrysler, Porche, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, or BMW vehicles.


Aoteli ECOSAVER is a tyre that ensures improved fuel efficiency to maximise cost savings. The tyre’s exceptional tread pattern makes this possible. Moreover, the tread pattern also makes sure that the passengers and drives experience an excellent level of comfort. This also further made possible through reduced braking distances that ensure high level of control. Lastly, a major feature of this tyre is that it provides outstanding resistance against aquaplaning. This tyre is suitable for vehicles from brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Bentley. The overall customer ratings of Aoteli ECOSAVER speak in support of it.

Aoteli P307

Aoteli P307 is a summer tyre that works perfectly well in dry conditions. It has a tread pattern that ensures lower tyre noise levels which enhances comfort. With adequate tread depth and high-quality rubber compound, the tyre assures the customers with reduced braking distances while performing fantastically in wet weather conditions. Also, when it comes to handling and steering responsiveness, the tyre seems to have satisfied its users until now. With competitive and attractive prices, Aoteli offers the best.

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