What Is Tyre Maintenance?

Our lives are extremely busy. We move from one point to another multiple time in a day. This means that one will have to move for these very purposes. Since all our tasks and responsibilities have us moving from one point to another in search of work and completion of duties, one needs to rely on a decent mode of transportation. 

Having a vehicle of one’s own can fix most problems arising from lack of transportation. However, people end up contemplating a lot before buying a vehicle for themselves. This is because a vehicle is a long term investment that requires a precise decision. People end up wondering over their requirements, mileage and whatnot before actually settling on one. 

Even when one purchases a vehicle, there is very little possibility that one will know everything about it. This is why it is important to learn about your vehicle as you go. 

What Is the Significance of Tyre Maintenance for Your Vehicle? 

First of all, it is extremely important to drive correctly. If one is careless in their driving, the vehicle will not be able to perform efficiently. The input and output of the vehicle depend on the driver and the driver alone. Other than this, one must also understand the maintenance care of their vehicle. Like any machine, the vehicle will also face damages, repairs and replacements after a while. 

It is important to be swift in your approach. One should not wait till the very end to get a replacement or repair for their vehicle. If a part of the vehicle is facing possible damage, it may incur the same to other parts of the vehicle as well. This is why it is extremely important to fix the damages as soon as possible. There are multiple parts of the vehicle that can incur damage. 

The engine, brakes, and Churchill Tyres Henley On Thames are just some of the key parts of a vehicle that need regular inspections and checks. If one is missing out on their regular car service, the chances of severe damage will keep on increasing. The lifespan of the vehicle as well as these components depends on how much one is maintaining them correctly. 

For these very reasons, tyres, the component that comes in contact with the surface of the road significantly require regular inspection. Tyres can incur damages such as punctures, cuts, cracks, bulges or other kinds of damages. It is important to focus on tyre maintenance at least once or twice a month for a splendid performance. 

Here are a few ways in which one can ensure that their tyres are functioning well: 

Keeping an Eye on the Inflation Levels

The inflation pressure within the tyres is a key measure for excellent performance. The shape and formation of the tyres are all thanks to the air present in them. Without this inflation pressure, it would be impossible for tyres to function well. Since tyres lose a little bit of air every month themselves, it is important to check the air levels at least once a month. 

Improper inflation pressure levels lead to underinflation and overinflation. Underinflation results in damages like punctures, flats and blowouts. On the other hand, overinflation can lead to severe sidewall and integral damage especially if the tyres drive over bumps and curbs or get an impact. 


Similar to the inflation levels, the tread is also an important part of tyre maintenance. The tread can incur damages in different ways. Uneven tyre wear and punctures are just some of the things that can happen to your tyre tread and render them useless. 

Uneven tyre wear happens due to persistent performance. The tyres on the front axle work more than that on the rear axle due to uneven weight distribution. Therefore, one must rotate their Tyres Henley On Thames after every 10,000 to 12,000 kilometres for swift performance. 

Furthermore, tyres can get punctured because of sharp objects on the road. To make sure that the suspension and handling do not take a hit, repairs must be done timely.