What is Wheel Alignment and Why is It Important?

The wheels of your car may appear completely straight at a glance. But if you observe carefully, you will notice slight angles that the wheels make with the ground. They are seldom perfectly straight.

These angles vary from vehicle to vehicle. There are generally three types of angles that pertain to wheel alignment in Coventry. They are pre-specified by the manufacturers after careful evaluation. You will find wheel alignment details of your vehicle in the car owner’s manual. If not, consult your technician.

The three types of angles that are associated with wheel alignment are:

  1. Camber
  2. Toe
  3. Caster

What causes wheels to misalign?

Wheels fall out of alignment mainly due to the regular impact of the road. Its rate depends mostly on the factors like manner of driving and the terrain on which the vehicle is being driven.

  • Manner of driving- Rough driving at high speeds and sudden braking will skew the wheel alignment in Coventry faster than controlled driving.
  • Terrain- The terrain on which you drive determines the rate and frequency of wheel misalignment. Driving on rough terrain with lots of bumps will misalign your tyres quickly.
  • Height modification- If you have modified the ride height of your vehicle without adjusting the suspension, it will cause your wheels to fall out of alignment.
  • Old suspension- Old suspension systems fail to efficiently absorb the shock from bumps, putting a lot of pressure on the wheels. This excess pressure from the jerky movements causes your wheels to misalign.

All things considered, maintaining a healthy driving practice reduces the chances of wheel misalignment significantly.

Effects of misaligned wheels:

If your car has misaligned wheels, you will notice specific symptoms, which if neglected, can cause grave damage to other crucial components of your vehicle. The effects are listed below:

  1. Uneven wearing of tread- You will notice that the tread of the tyre is unevenly worn down. You will see bald patches on the tread instead of uniform wear.

  2. Misaligned steering wheel while driving straight- If you notice that your steering wheel is not straight even when the vehicle is moving straight, understand that you have a classic case of misaligned wheels.

If you notice these symptoms/effects in your car, you must visit any reputed Wheel Alignment Garage Coventry like Central Point MOT.

  1. Your vehicle tends to move off course- Your car will veer to a particular direction even when you keep the steering wheel straight. That will require you to make constant adjustments to your steering wheel to move in your desired direction.

  2. A high degree of vibration while moving- Misaligned wheels is bound to make your vehicle vibrate more than normal limits. That is due to the excess friction from the movement of misaligned wheels.

You must understand that misaligned wheels will damage your tyres and the suspensions system if neglected for an extended period. The excess vibrations can also cause damage to the car battery and other essential components. Therefore, wheel alignment in Coventry must be maintained with diligence.

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