What Should You Do if You Have Forgotten to Schedule a MOT Test?

It may happen that you forgot about your due MOT Test Nechells, and by the time you remembered, it was too late for an appointment. Now, you either have to miss work or use a car that doesn’t have an MOT for a few days. Both options are not good. So, in this article, we will explore this issue.

What Is an MOT Test?

The MOT test (Ministry of Transport test) is an all-inclusive checkup of a vehicle to see if it is in a roadworthy condition. It also takes into account road safety and environmental standards. Your car is legally bound to pass the MOT test to be driven on the road. You must get the test from a certified centre. 

What Are the Consequences of Driving Without an MOT?

If the police ask you for a copy of your MOT and can’t show a valid certificate, you may face serious consequences. There is a chance that they might let you go with a warning, but you may end up with a penalty of up to £1,000 too. Moreover, if your vehicle looks “unroadworthy,” this fine can go up to £2500. Plus, you can receive three points each for every defect. In case you already have existing points, a few defects can result in a driving ban for almost two years. It will bring about a whole lot of complications.

Can You Ever Drive Without an MOT?

You can’t legally drive a vehicle without an MOT passing certificate. If you are driving a three-year-old car without the MOT, you can do so when taking it to the authorised centre for an MOT test. You can’t use this as an excuse. You will have to show the relevant appointment documents. Or else, you will face penalties.

Does My Car Retain Its Insurance Validity Without an MOT?

In maximum cases, your insurance becomes invalid as soon as MOT expires. Thus, if you are in an accident, you have to bear all repair costs. Your vehicle may also be written off. In the instance that you caused the accident, you have to cover the damages of other vehicles too. This will cost you a lot of money. Plus, you are legally required to drive with valid insurance. Failing to do so may lead to an unlimited fine, driving disqualification, and penalty points.

When Does a Brand New Vehicle Require an MOT?

Vehicles less than three years old do not need an MOT. Other than that, you have to have a valid MOT certificate as per the law. Second-hand vehicles are no different. So, make it a point to enquire about the MOT validity to the previous owner. Generally, the certificate is handed down from the owner. Schedule an MOT before collecting it in case you are purchasing a car without an MOT Nechells.

What Should You Do if the MOT Expires? Where Can You Book a Test?

You need to make an appointment if your MOT has expired. You can schedule a test almost a month before the expiry date. It won’t affect the annual expiry date. It is very useful as you can still drive around till the date of expiry. Take your car to the testing centres – they have the three interconnected triangles MOT logo.

What Documents Do You Require for an MOT Test?

You need the appointment letter, most recent MOT certificate, and log-book (V5C) or registration document.

Parts checked in an MOT: 

An MOT test inspects all the crucial parts of a car to see if they conform with the legal standards. They include –

  • Body structure
  • Bonnet
  • Brakes
  • Doors
  • Fuel system
  • Exhaust emissions and system
  • Horn
  • Lights
  • Load security
  • Mirrors
  • Registration plates
  • Seat belts and seats
  • Steering and suspension
  • Tyres and wheels
  • Vehicle identification number
  • Wipers, washers and windscreen

What Is the Time of an MOT Test?

Generally, testing centres can finish MOT tests within an hour. Though, be aware that the test won’t start as soon as you drop your vehicle off. So it is better to get the timing of your pick up from the centre. This way, you can arrange your errands to suit the schedule. In case your car fails and you want the required repairs to be done, it will most probably take longer.

Thus, as you can figure out, it is ideal to schedule an MOT Nechells before its expiry. Accordingly, you can start to keep money aside for it and won’t need to drive without an MOT. Set up a text or email reminder to ensure that this never happens.

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