What Should You Look for in Your Next Set of Tyres?

More than 50 million tyres are sold in the UK every year. If you have owned a car for any significant amount of time, the chances are that you have bought a pair or two for yourself as well. As a responsible consumer, you should be aware of all the critical aspects that you should consider before finalising on a particular model.

Tyre Type

There is no universal consensus on the best model of tyre. There doesn’t have to be. Every driver has a unique driving style and particular requirements from their tyres. Someone might need to drive on snow while others may use their cars for off-roading.

Expectedly, one tyre cannot handle so many diverse requirements and driving styles. As such, you must choose your car tyres according to your individuality. If you are not sure which tyres would suit your needs the best, do not hesitate to seek professional advice.

In general, you must choose between the following options:

  • Summer tyres for temperatures above 7°

  • Winter tyres in Birmingham for temperatures below 7°

  • All-season tyres for year-round use

  • High-performance tyres for sports and other performance-oriented cars

  • Off-road/all-terrain tyres for off-roading

You may also choose a set of run flat tyres in Birmingham which are much safer in case you experience a puncture. These tyres are safe to drive for 50 miles at a reduced speed even when there’s no air pressure left in them, allowing you the crucial time to reach a garage to repair or change them. Do note that run flat tyres are relatively costlier and cannot be fixed once punctured.

Tyre Brand

There is a reason that established brands sell more than local manufacturers. They have a long track record of delivering exceptional tyres. These companies spend millions of Pounds every year on research and development of tyres that are superior in every aspect.

Some popular brands of tyres in Birmingham include:

  • Bridgestone

  • Michelin

  • Pirelli

  • Dunlop

  • Nexen

You can get your hands on these brands at reputable auto garages like Flaxley Tyres. They offer great prices on all tyres including Pirelli, Michelin and Nexen Tyres Birmingham. Additionally, they also provide essential services such as puncture repair, wheel alignment and balancing.

Tyre Size

Each car model has a specific tyre size that it is compatible with. It’s evident that the Nexen tyres in Birmingham that fit on a Mini Cooper are not going to fit on a Mercedes SUV. You have to ensure that you are buying the right size of tyres for your car.

The appropriate tyre size for your car is mentioned in its manual and also the sidewalls of the OEM tyres. Stick to it without fail. It is an alpha-numeric code that looks something like 215/55 R16. Each letter and number in that series represents a particular dimensional aspect of the tyre.

EU Tyre Label

Post-2012, all tyres sold in Europe have to bear the EU tyre label mandatorily. It is a rating system in which tyres are measured on three critical parameters, namely wet grip, rolling resistance and noise emission. Wet grip and rolling resistance are rated on a scale of A to G, A being the best-in-class. Sound emission is denoted by a three-wave symbol where one wave is the quietest.

Naturally, tyres on the upper end of the rating charts cost more compared to the bottom half. But their superior performance is worth the extra cost and then some.

These are the aspects that you should consider while buying tyres in Birmingham.

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