What to keep in mind while buying new tyres

Tyres are crucial for vehicle handling and steering control, so they are primary components that determine the driving comfort and vehicle’s performance. Tyres should be compatible with the vehicle design and power to ensure maximum performance and fuel efficiency. Also, compatible tyres can save you some money on replacement and maintenance.

However, deciding which tyre to buy can involve a plethora of information and cause great confusion. Since tyres are expensive products, they can burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, it is vital to research all the brands carefully while keeping in mind the vehicle requirements. Here is an article on what to keep in mind while buying new tyres.

Be careful with the size

Tyre size is one of the primary factors which determines compatibility and steering control. Today’s tyre market is full of different shapes and sizes, which can cause great confusion. However, if you do not want to ponder a lot upon the tyre purchase, stick to the stock tyre’s dimensions. Stock tyres are the ones that come fitted initially with the vehicle, and their dimensions are printed on the sidewalls.

You can also switch up the original tyre size depending on your needs. If you drive a heavy vehicle with a powerful engine and a heavy frame, you can opt for a slightly larger Pirelli banden Utrecht. Bigger tyres move out of the car’s frame and provide a bulky and beastly look to it, which adds to the aesthetic value.

Also, larger tyres have an extensive contact patch surface area that ensures maximum stability when the vehicle speeds or moves on slippery surfaces. However, there are downsides to this because larger tyres adversely affect the fuel economy and are heavy on the steering.

Similarly, if you want to enhance the vehicle’s performance, go for small-sized tyres. They have a smaller contact patch surface area, which means they are easy on steering and good for fuel economy. However, they do not ensure complete stability when the vehicle is speeding.

Take note of the built structure

The built structure determines the road adaptability and tyre’s grip. Also, the material used in the tyres is essential because cheaper materials wear out sooner. Modern-day premium tyres use polymer hybrids because they are sturdy and malleable, which means they move according to different surfaces, which reduces the chance of skids or slides.

Similarly, the tread pattern and technology are crucial because they ensure maximum contact patch grip on the surface when the vehicle moves on slippery surfaces. For this reason, research the brands and keep a note of the new technologies being introduced in the tyre market so that you get the latest of everything.

Choose your brand wisely

The brand is equally crucial for tyres’ choice; different brands specialise in different technologies, and you must choose according to your needs. Premium brands ensure the best value for money and are frontrunners in Autobanden Utrecht technology. They also use top-quality rubber in their products which provide longevity and ultimate road safety.

Another perk that comes with these brands is the extended warranty they promise on manufacturing and service defects. Some of the premium brands also guarantee road assistance in emergency times and ensure best in class service.

The manufacturing date is crucial

The MOT test parameters and European Safety Standards state that the average age of a good tyre is ten years from manufacturing, irrespective of its form. Therefore, if you buy a tyre that is well into its prime years, you will end up spending too much on replacement costs.

Tyre’s manufacturing date is written on the sidewalls as a four-digit code; the first two digits represent the month, and the last two are the years of manufacturing.

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