What you need to know about tyre replacement?

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When you are searching for new options, replacement tyres shopping can be hectic. You must know about the benefits and disadvantages if you prefer experimenting with various tyre sizes. This knowledge will help you a lot. The aesthetic appeal of your car is enhanced, road safety is improved and fuel economy is enhanced.

Choice of replacement tyres

Good news! You can purchase a structurally different set unlike the original one if you are not satisfied with your car tyres. It is ensured by many automotive manufacturers that your car can function smoothly with wheels having a variable external diameter.

You will have to alter the rim size if you are going to purchase tyres that are smaller or larger as compared to the original ones significantly. The combined diameter suggested originally by the manufacturer for the vehicle can also be preserved.

While ride customization is a part of your owning the car, you must know that All Season Tyres Congleton traction is guaranteed by automotive manufacturers for the tyres that are within the approved vehicle tyre size. Being on your own is indicated by any type of fluctuation. You must refer to the information provided at the fuel cap or the door side of your car to know about the working pressure and tyre size of your car tyres.

The benefits and disadvantages of the large diameter of the wheel

Opting for big has both disadvantages and benefits. Some of the benefits of using larger tyres in your car include:

  • More grip: the tyre width and height determines the grip. The shorter is the braking distance the wider the tyre. This will make the vehicle stop on dry roads in less time when brakes are applied.
  • Time of Turn reaction: Your car becomes more stable when the diameter of your tyre rim is larger. This stability is maintained while you take turns. This enables you to take tight turns.
  • The brake discs size: You can easily invest in larger callipers as well as larger brake discs of your car when the diameter of your tyre is larger. As a result of this, you can make your car stop safely and handle it with ease even in harsh conditions.


Greater occurrence of the tyre and rim damage: The tyres will be shorter as compared to before even if your tyre diameter is going to be larger. As a result, the risk of sidewall damage is higher when you drive over any obstacle or potholes on your way.

More cost: Above all, you must know that as compared to the tyres that fit as per the recommended size for your car tyre can cost you more. This is because the tyre manufacturers have to use better rubber and produce complex tread to manufacture wider tyres. More time is required to manufacture these tyres, which indicates that the manufacturer needs to invest more money on fuel and manpower.

Less traction on dirty roads: The braking distance increases on dirty and sandy roads when the width of the tyre increases.

More noise: As compared to the smaller tyres, the larger ones are quite noisier. This is because your tyre is exposed to more portion of the road due to its large width.

An unpleasant ride: More obstacles can be conquered by your tyres when the surface area of your tyre is more. However, a cosy ride won’t be offered by these tyres always. Rigid sidewalls are present in wider tyres, which indicate the tyres are less flexible. For the off-roaders, this Car Tyres Congleton is fine. But, for somebody who commutes in an urban area, this is not fine.

The calculation of tyre replacement 

If you don’t prefer investing in a larger tyre set, you can invest in a tyre set, which is a bit smaller than the original tyres that your car has been fit with. Ideally, the tyres can be kept within the same range of two per cent which is the range while purchasing larger tyres. Decreasing tyre size below 205 mm is not recommended as maintaining the concentrated pressure in the tyre is not safe at all.

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