What’s the reason for my car AC failure?

Going on a long drive without AC is just inconceivable. Or think of a situation when your AC conks off on a hot, humid day when you still have miles to go. This is one of the most dreadful conditions, and you wouldn’t even like to get into it. AC is now something customary across all cars. Today, we can’t even think of our life without an AC in our car, as that’s the first thing we turn on after starting our car engine. It’s like the presence of water on a parched piece of land.

But let’s understand that AC is also just a machine, and like all other machines, it can even break down at times. There can be various reasons behind the non-functioning of this vital component of your car. The issues can be mechanical or electrical, depending on the circumstance. This blog will discuss the possible reasons behind the failure of air conditioning Northampton in your cars. Let’s read on further.

Reasons why AC can fail?

  • A flawed compressor

This is one of the most common reasons for the non-functioning of your AC. The compressor itself has other interior parts that might break due to various other reasons. It’s the compressor that keeps the refrigerant in running condition. A faulty compressor isn’t fit to do this. If this kind of thing happens, your AC starts producing noises and sounds. This is a big sign that your AC is not working well.

  • Leaking refrigerant

No refrigerant or a leaking refrigerant can cause the airflow to become weaker. The expansion tube can also be clogged, or your evaporator also could be found damaged. All these reasons lead to either no or low airflow from your AC. Only a mechanic can tell you in such a circumstance whether the repair is a minor one or a major one.

  • Cabin air filter going wrong

The possible reason behind this may be a dirty or worn-out cabin air filter. You must get it cleaned from time to time, or if required, it must be replaced. It’s very much possible that you might smell something pungent in your car. The air filter is the primary reason behind this. If you keep changing your cabin air filter regularly, you might prevent some severe damage to your AC.

  • A clogged hose

It’s a common phenomenon to find water under your parked car with the AC on. This is quite natural. What is unnatural is when you find water inside the cabin of your vehicle. Water from the evaporator generally drains out, but a clogged hose doesn’t let it happen. Instead, water in the cabin becomes a problem for you. This can damage the electrical wiring in the system. This kind of situation is hazardous, and you must get it fixed immediately.

  • Blown fuse or expansion congested

If your expansion gets congested, then the refrigerant also can’t flow into the evaporator properly. In such cases, when you turn on the air conditioning Northampton, it starts cooling, but after a few minutes, it again starts throwing back warm air. The compressor of your AC becomes incapable of maintaining the correct air pressure, and you end up feeling hot and suffocated.

  • The clutch on the compressor not working well

It’s the clutch on the compressor which lets the pulley to engage with the engine. In such a case, the compressor works only when it’s required to. The pulley also has the power to disengage from the engine. If the clutch breaks, the compressor won’t receive any power from the engine. As a result, even if you switch on the AC, it won’t give any cool air.

Overall, AC in the car is one of the most vital components, so you must take care of it well and be alert for any signs if you feel that it’s not functioning well. In such cases, you must take it to the mechanic as soon as possible. For more information about Tyres Northampton.

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