What’s Your Car Battery Trying to Tell You: Signs of a Dying Battery

If cars were humans, batteries would be their hearts. Without them, there’s not much your vehicle can do. Heck, it can’t even start as the engine won’t ignite! If you’re thinking, “That’s okay, I can still sit in my chilled car and listen to the radio,” you’re sadly mistaken. Neither your AC nor your stereo set is of any use if the battery is dead.

Now, that has got you interested, hasn’t it? Luckily, your battery thinks about you more than you do for it. It’ll give you many signs if you’re careful, and enough time before it finally breathes its last.

But when it finally does, you’ll have to do a battery replacement, preferably from a garage that has a trusted track record in the field; Mill Tyres Boston, for example. To make sure that you know when that’s necessary, look out for these signs and what your battery is trying to tell you through them:

  • The Engine Cranks Slower Than Usual

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

You come out of your house, neatly dressed for work. You get inside your car, put the keys in the ignition and wait for that sweet sound of your car’s engine coming to life.

But it doesn’t. Not right away, anyway. The engine cranks slowly and takes an eternity to start. That’s your first warning to rush to an auto garage and get your car’s batteries checked. Those who ignore it are in for a case of dead battery, sooner or later.

  • Headlights Are Dimmer Than You Remember

Darkness and driving don’t go well together. If your headlights aren’t as bright as they used to be, the battery is most likely the culprit. It is unable to provide enough power for the lights.

This is a severe safety issue. With dim headlights, your car is a danger to you and others on the road.

  • The Electrical Components Are Revolting

It’s not just the engine and the lights that rely on the battery. Every electrical component in your car, starting from stereos and power windows to windshield wipers and dashboard lights, derive their power from the cell.

When the battery is about to die, these components won’t be performing optimally. If you’re a keen observer of your car’s behavior, you’ll notice it immediately. Car battery replacement is a good idea in such situations.

  • The Dashboard Warning Light Is Telling You Something

Most modern cars come with a dashboard warning light for batteries (it’s the one that looks like a battery, obviously). Even if your model doesn’t have one, it must have the ‘Check engine’ light. If either of them is turned on, that’s your car telling you to visit a battery replacement garage.

  • Bloated Battery Case

If your battery case looks like it just had a massive meal at Burger King, it usually means that it has gone bad. The bloating and swelling of batteries are highly prevalent in the summer months due to excessive heat.

Car batteries are not built to last for an eternity. The general rule is to replace it every three to five years depending on how and where you drive your car. Of course, most people forget about it until it starts giving some reminders.

When it does, get your car to a battery replacement garage without delay. You’re the one who’ll regret if you don’t.  for more detail visit www.milltyres.com