Wheel balancing: Advantages and disadvantages

The combination of a wheel and tyre fitted on the axle with the help of lug nuts has to be balanced accurately. However, this assembly is not hundred per cent efficient and has some flaws. These flaws are solved using wheel balancing.

Wheel balancing, also named as tyre balancing is a process of equalising the weight of the wheel assembly so that your vehicle moves smoothly at high speed.

Below are the symptoms of an unbalanced wheel:

  • When you start to feel vibrations in your car then it means your car is unbalanced. These vibrations can reach up in the front cabin that can give you a feeling of nausea or vomiting.
  • If your tyre has uneven wear and tear then it is probably unbalanced.
  • The steering of your car is disturbed. When your car is moving one side while you are moving it to the other side then it shows that the steering is not good and wheels are unbalanced.

Read on to know about the Advantages and disadvantages of wheel balancing!

Advantages of wheel balancing

Here are the pros of tyre balancing:

A proper wheel balancing can increase the durability of your wheel: Improper tyre balancing is treacherous as this can lead you to some unwanted situations. More than this, it causes uneven wear and tear of your tyre that decreases the lifespan of your tyre.

A tip to follow after fixing the tyre balancing issue is you can rotate your tyres to increase the life of your tyre.

Road safety improves due to proper wheel balancing:

The spinning proportion is effected when the tyres are not properly balanced hence safety is decreased. A proper wheel balancing is a protective measure that helps in equalising the weight throughout the wheel assembly that is the tyre and wheel.

The fuel economy id improved due to tyre balancing:

When the wheels are unbalanced, the fuel consumption can be high as the car engine requires extra energy to make the vehicle moving.

When the wheels are properly balanced then the efficiency of your vehicle increases, making the fuel economy better and saving you a lot of money.

Disadvantages of improper wheel balancing

Here are the cons of improper wheel balancing:

The handling of the car becomes difficult:

The handling and gripping become difficult when the tyres are unbalanced. This makes your ride unpleasant.

Wheel balancing evenly spreads the weight making your car move smoothly even at high speed.

Tyre balancing can destroy the parts of your car:

People often think that delaying car maintenance can help them save money but this is not true. It can even cost you double the price as you may need to repair other parts of your car as well due to improper wheel balancing.

The steering is unpleasant:

One of the clear indicators of wheel unbalancing is uneven steering when your vehicle is moving in a certain direction but you want to move on the opposite.

These were all the pros and cons of Wheel Balancing Uxbridge. If you want to have a pleasant ride then wheel balancing is important.

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