Wheel Balancing – An Important Maintenance Service You Must Not Avoid

Your car’s wheels are responsible for some of the vital aspects of performance. Braking, a critical operation, depends a lot on the wheels. Similarly, how fast your car accelerates is dependent on the wheels only.

Therefore, along with the suspension, the wheels play a role in determining ride comfort other than the obvious fundamental safety mandates.

Wheel balance is the key to a better ride

Balanced wheels are necessary for a smooth and comfortable driving experience. You may wonder, how can wheels be imbalanced?

Here’s how –

A significant amount of a wheel’s mass is located on and around its circumference, which is the rims and the tyres. Now, this mass must be evenly distributed around its circumference. With even mass around its centre, a wheel will not have any unbalanced forces. Unbalanced forces lead to vibrations, wobbles and undulations during the wheel operation. The result of which is an uncomfortable driving experience. So, it’s imperative to avail a wheel balancing in Leicester, to avoid the problems of imbalanced wheels.

What are the signs of wheel imbalance?

Wheel imbalance results from unevenly distributed, mass heavy spots on the tyres. Uneven masses results in forces that causes the wheels to exhibit lateral and longitudinal motions.

Two types of vibration that arise due to wheel imbalance –

  • Wobble

A wobble is a perpetual up-and-down motion of your car’s wheels. It occurs out of a single massive spot on the circumference. The mass heavy spot causes the tyres to bounce up and down in its direction.

  • Shimmy motion

It happens due to mass-heavy regions on one side of a tyre, across the tyre’s longitudinal cross-section. A shimmy motion manifests in the form of a side-to-side movement while the tyres roll.

Now, you cannot notice these symptoms while the cars are in an operational state. So, it’s essential that you know about the signs of a wheel imbalance.

Symptoms of wheel imbalance

  • Steering wheels vibrations

An early sign of unbalanced tyres are vibrations on your car’s steering wheels. The slightest imbalance is capable of causing strong vibrations to happen as you drive. At first, these vibrations will occur only in the steering wheels. Eventually, as the imbalance worsens, the vibrations will extend to your vehicle cabin including the seating at the front and the back.

  • Steering problems

Unbalanced tyres make steering difficult too. The ability to make sharp turns and manoeuvre it on the road will become difficult. Your vehicle will react sluggishly to steering inputs. As a result, you’ll not be able to steer smoothly in one given direction, which may lead to accidents.

  • Uneven tyre erosion –

If one particular tyre is more worn out than others, then it means, there’s a tyre balance issue. So, on noticing any of these symptoms, drive to a professional garage for a wheel balancing in Leicester.

Knowledge of the signs of wheel imbalance will enable you to fix it before it’s too late. Garages such as Treadstones Autofit offer wheel balancing at reasonable prices.

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