Wheel Balancing and its Importance Explained by Experts

If you’ve been experiencing a bumpy ride lately – it could be your car wheels are out of balance. Whether it’s for your safety or driving experience – properly balanced wheels are essential. As wheels are responsible for your car to cruise ahead, therefore maintaining a proper mass distribution throughout the wheels is critical. When this evenly disseminated weight goes out-of-line – you experience a disturbing ride with vibrations on the steering wheel. Under such circumstance, a mobile wheel balancing in Durham is recommended.

Why perform wheel balancing?

With balanced wheels, motorists can enjoy a bumpy-free ride with easy manoeuvrability. Furthermore, a set of well-balanced wheels can also extend the life expectancy of your tyres. The significant impact of unbalanced wheels is rapid tread wear than its natural duration. Even the slightest change in weight distribution around a wheel’s circumference can send excess vibrations through the steering wheel. A wheel balancing in Durham is of paramount importance in this case.

Furthermore, if you drive your vehicle with out-of-balance wheels and at high speeds – you’ll experience significant shaking on the vehicle’s floorboard, which increases as you speed up. Besides, poorly balanced wheels cause –

  • Problematic driveline

  • Disruption in suspension and steering

  • Worn out wheel bearing

  • Unusual tread wear

With a mobile wheel balancing in Durham, you can quickly fix these wheel related issues.

Solutions to unbalanced wheels

Wheel balancing issues can be fixed at all leading garages over the UK such as North East Tyre Services. Usually, two types of balancers are employed in an electronic wheel balancing in Durham –

  1. Static balancer

  2. Dynamic balancer

These modern-day balancers have self-calibrating electronics for providing the best possible accuracy.

Wheel balancing procedure

A mobile wheel balancing involves the following steps –

  1. Mounting the wheel on the balancer

  2. Identifying the heaviest points

  3. Distributing the weight equally throughout the wheel to compensate the weight difference

This balancing requires an expert technician to operate. DIY is not an option. Thus, always contact a professional technician from your local garage to conduct a mobile wheel balancing in Durham.

Benefits of wheel balancing

Once you conduct a wheel balancing, you’ll experience the following benefits:

  1. It’ll aid in even tyre tread wear

  2. The vibrations on the vehicle floorboard, wheels and steering wheel is minimised significantly even at high speeds

Therefore, it is always recommended to perform a Wheel Balancing in Durham every 8000 to 10000 miles. Also, keep in mind to conduct wheel balancing every time you mount a new tyre.

Things to consider

Not always unbalanced wheels cause vibrations within the car. It could also be a result of misaligned wheels. Misalignment causes the tyres to wobble and exhibit almost identical vibration pattern like that of unbalanced wheels. In such situations, a mobile wheel alignment can fix this issue. Also, keep in mind that damaged suspension can cause odd vibrations as well.

So, be it when swapping your winter tyres to summer, or getting your tyres rotated – a wheel balancing session afterwards is mandatory!

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