Wheels with a WOW Factor!

The impact that the look of a car has over your mind is crucially dependent upon its tyres too. The intricacies in the designs of a tyre, the beauty of its dish or maybe, just the shape that caught your eyes are as influential as the car is.

Here is a little list of what we like the most in the world of alloys. You can decide your favourite for yourself. You get to choose the best CMS Wheels for your vehicle, so choose wisely.


These are lightweight wheels. People often try to imitate them and create cheap replicas. But the original CSL wheels have a stamp of BMW and BBS on their face and under the lug nut holes. A cut-out for M sport badge can be found as well.

Ferrari Enzo

Enzo has a phenomenal angular body shape and the wheels serve it the best with their ten-spoke and nineteen-inch design. They have ceramic discs which help them slow down easily from high speeds.

Porsche 911

These come as proof that the most appealing designs need not necessarily come in the biggest shape. They are lightweight and have great brakes, which get cooled down due to the gaps in the five-spoke design.

Lamborghini Murcielago

An intricate split-rim design was used in its first generation. They are 9 inches at the front and thirteen inches at the back. They can not be cleaned quickly though.

Renaultsport Clio 172 Cup

Versatile wheels of 16 inches which look best in anthracite. These can be bought in a variety of colours and are very cost-effective in improving the appearance of your hot hatch.

Lancia Delta Integrale

These have an elegant and latticed design. The wheels in Evoluzione were 15 inches and grew by an inch to meet the high power demand of Evoluzione 2. They can practically be called the most impossible wheels to be washed.

McLaren-Mercedes SLR

They seem to be turning even when they are stationary. They are 19-inches and come with a turbine-design.

Ferrari F40

These come with a centre-lock design which was copied by the aftermarket manufacturers. Although it looks incomparable under the arches of F40. The set of these split alloy wheels has a difference of 5 inches in the width of the front and rear tyres.

Porsche Carrera GT

They come with a simplistic design and are made of magnesium to become exceptionally light. The centre locking design makes the brakes visible. The colour coding of the wheels proves that every little detail in the wheel is significantly important to make it cool.

Nissan 370Z Nismo

They are forged of aluminium alloy and come with a Nismo-stamp. They have a very spectacular concave setup on the rear.

Alfa Romeo 8C

They have a telephone dial look. They are 20-inch alloys and come with the perfect blend of old-fashioned Italian design and modern construction.

Other than these, there are numerous other alloy wheel designs available for you to choose from as well. Choose a set that can work together with your car, in harmony, and deliver better than ever performance levels.

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