When and how to use summer tyres?

If you often drive your car in warm climates, you may use summer tyres that are specially designed to perform in summer months.

Most tyres are made with the aim of providing a specific level of performance. However, Tyres Wolverhampton manufacturers are keen to develop seasonal tyres that are made with added features to cope with hotter or cooler conditions.

Nowadays, drivers prefer to drive their vehicle with only a set of tyre year-round but this strategy is advantageous in moderate conditions. Therefore, you have to go for season-based tyres in severe road conditions.

Modern tyre manufacturers make all-season tyres the name of which is enough to show that these tyres will serve you during varied weather conditions. However, using these tyres in not ideal when the upper or lower level of temperature is just unbearable.

So, if you are among those drivers who wish to have only one set of tyres, you have to read the questions provided below.

Can you driver summer tyres all months?

In the places where season changes after every 3 ot 4 months, it will be difficult for you to drive with summer tyres.

Summer tyres are specially designed to run on the roads in extremely hot weather. Therefore, their performance is going to decrease with falling temperature.

And, when the temperatures reach below 7degreesC, and the road are covered with snow and ice, the traction provided by summer tyres will be at its lowest level.

Therefore, if you are driving with summer tyres for snowy cold roads, think again on your strategy.

At what point of temperature summer tyres would work?

Generally, we can say you can use summer tyres during hot weather. If you need a reference point, you can use summer tyres when the temperature is near 40 or 45 degrees.

What are common impacts if you use summer tyres in winters?

Summer tyres are made up of rubber compounds that are suitable for driving in summer but the same material is hardened at freezing temperatures. Therefore, the tyre may completely fail to hold the surface properly, especially when you are driving at high speeds.

How to store summer tyres?

This question is related to the discussion since after swapping your tyres, you need to store the summer tyres safely.

According to experts, you must store your tyres in building like your home or garage. Actually, leaving your summer tyres outdoor in the winter season may affect the health of your tyres.

Do not store your Dunlop Tyres Wolverhampton without cleaning them thoroughly. Use a mild detergent to clean the surface of your tyres and let them dry up. Do not forget to wrap your tyres in black bag. It is best if you keep your tyres in a tyre rack, the environment to keep the tyres should be clean, cool and dry.

We hope you will follow these instructions and drive your car with appropriate tyres.

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