Which One? A Guide to Choosing Summer Tyres In 2019

Summer can be tough for vehicle tyres as excessive heat could affect a vehicle’s fuel efficiency, steering and durability. Hence, tyres require extra care during the summer months to tackle the hot weather. After all, tyres do not just hold the weight of your vehicle but also connects your car to the road surface and address the obstacles as well.

This is why experts recommend using summer tyres to take on the ‘heat’ of the tarmac in British summers. Due to their unique design and specialised rubber compounds which offers terrific grip and excellent braking capability in the summer months.

You can rely on Flaxley Tyres to provide you with the best of summer tyres in Birmingham from all leading brands –

  • Potenza RE050A II RFT

Engineered with Bridgestone’s racing DNA, Potenza RE05A II RFT is one of the many Bridgestone Tyres in Birmingham to offer new heights of performance and high-speed handling. With its asymmetrical tread pattern and innovative construction – Potenza RE05A II RFT boasts of impressive precision and steering responsiveness by offering a sports-like feel at high speeds.

It sports a high-grip shoulder blocks offering excellent grip on sharp braking and quick cornering. The wide grooves disperse water effectively; thus, resisting aquaplaning. Moreover, the advanced grooved construction minimises rolling resistance, therefore, providing more mileage. You can for this and other Bridgestone Tyres in Birmingham such as –

  • Potenza S-04 Pole Position

  • Potenza RE050A Scuderia

  • Potenza S007 RFT

These tyres offer a comfortable and quiet ride making them the preferred choice for most motorists in the UK.


As a testament to providing quality tyres, this is one of the few Nexen Tyres in Birmingham to offer a perfect combination of safety and performance. Awarded the best budget summer tyre, N FERA SUR4 provides supreme handling in both dry and wet British summers.

N Fera offers a range of unique features –

  • High silica rubber compounds that reduce rolling resistance

  • Enhanced traction in arid conditions

This tyre sports a joint-less reinforcement belt for maximum tread strength and wide steel belt layer for improved handling on dry tarmac.

All Nexen Tyres in Birmingham have an advanced tread design that displaces water quickly, thus reducing hydroplaning. Its stiffness bead filler promotes precise steering and equilibrium rayon line for maximum durability – making Nexen tyres reliable and responsive.

  • Pirelli Cinturato P7

Combining Pirelli’s expertise in tyre manufacturing, Cinturato P7 is designed with the most premium materials available in the market. The tyre’s unique tread patterns and innovative central-block design reduces vibration levels allowing you to have a quiet, comfortable ride.

This high-performance summer tyre from Pirelli competes with that of Bridgestone Tyres Birmingham in providing excellent braking capability and terrific water dispersal ability. Furthermore, the specialised rubber compounds have unique adhesive properties which provide enough grips to hold onto the tarmac even under high-speeds.

Though it’s not mandatory to purchase summer tyres in the UK, it’s recommended to go for them as other tyre variants start to stiffen up at high temperatures. With this guide in hand, purchasing a set of summer tyres would feel like a breeze.

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