White Fumes Out of The Exhaust

If you are worried about white fumes ejecting from your tailpipe in winters, then allow us to fore-warm you. It is quite common to see white fumes being emitted from the tailpipe in winters. The main reason is the humidity present in the engine of your car. When you start your engine, and it heats up significantly, the water droplets present in the combustion chamber will evaporate. The evaporated water results in the white fumes being ejected out of your engine. What if the fumes persist for long?

If the fumes continue to come out of the tailpipe, then the situation becomes a matter of grave concern.

To Help You with the Causes of White Fumes Ejecting Out From the Engine, Let Us Offer You the Following Problems:

1. Coolant Leak: Besides the engine oil, engine coolant is in constant rotation outside the engine to cool the engine down. It prevents the engine from breaking down in the middle of the road. But sometimes these coolants find their way into the combustion chamber and burn along with the fuel. If you smell any sweet odour make sure to have a look at your coolant level. It might be a possibility that the fumes coming out of the exhaust is a result of burning coolant.

2. Damaged Cylinder Head: One of the most expensive issues that arise with the engine of a car is the failure of its head cylinder. The head cylinder is always at a risk of breaking down to the heat build-up in the engine. If an enormous amount of heat is being generated in the engine, cracks will become prominent in the engine. This will lead to white fumes being ejected from the exhaust and the engine of your car.

Overheating can be a result of a number of issues, from the dirty coolant to incapable radiator fan; anyone of them can be at fault. As mentioned earlier, engine repair, in this case, can be costly, therefore make sure you have everything in place.

3. Issues with Injection Pump: Fuel injection is an essential system in your car. The fuel is injected into the cylinder within fractions of a second before the piston compresses the air. If your fuel injection system is broken, the coolant will find its way into the cylinders and burn along with the fuel. This mixture of fuel and coolant will result in white fumes being emitted from the back of your car.

To correctly analyse the problems of white fumes from the exhaust, you would have to maintain a constant habit of examining your coolant levels. In case of any unalarmed coolant decrease, you should get your systems checked.

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