Why and when do you need winter tyres?

In those places where severe cold conditions are not frequent, car drivers do not need to purchase a new set of tyres. But, in extremely cold countries, the survival of the drivers without winter tyres is not an easy task.

If you live in a place like Finland, USA or Russia, you must think of new Winter Tyres Huddersfield when Christmas is near.

It is OK if you already have a set of winter tyres but in case you are looking for a tyre dealer, reading the information given below will help you buy high-quality and durable Tyres Huddersfield.

In this blog, we are going to cover almost everything that you need to know before you invest in winter tyres.

So, let us start!

Why do we call them winter tyres?

The answer to this frequently asked question is easy because the name is self-explanatory. Of course, winter tyres are designed to provide additional grip to the tyres in the winter season.

In the winter tyres, a greater amount of natural rubber us used in the comparison of summer tyres. Also, tread patterns are designed by making the grooves more deeper along with the treat blocks covered with jagged slits.

Without any doubt, these features add extra-strength to the tyres in winter and provide better traction and grip on the slippery and cold roads.

Main benefits of winter tyres

What do you need on the road in winters? Surely, unaffected grip off the tyres on the cold and wet highways.

The design of winter tyres is perfectly made with the help of extra sipes that are available with additional edges to improve grip and traction on the road.

Summer tyres are supposed to be rigid and tight when the temperature is low but the rubber compound of winter tyres keep the tyres soft even if the temperature is below 7degreesC.

Deep grooves in the winter tyres are made to increase the ability to disperse water. Moreover, the design of winter tyres is perfect for holding snow on icy roads.

Do you need winter tyres Huddersfield?

Before you decide to purchase winter tyres, you have to take your location and budget into consideration. If you drive frequently on icy roads in winters, you surely need winter tyres. driving with summer or other types in harsh conditions can be dangerous if you have to cover long distances. Similarly, if you are a citizen of a cold country, you have to replace your tyres every year.

If buying winter tyres is a legal requirement, you have no other option and have to replace your tyres on the arrival of the winter season. For example, in Germany, winter tyres are mandatory.

Where should you buy winter tyres from?

Always go for an authentic tyre dealer while you are willing to purchase new tyres for your car. If you visit Hillam Tyres for any sort of assistance, our experts are enthusiastic to help you make a fair deal.

Whenever you need us, we will be waiting for you!

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