Why Are Car Tyres Only Black?

If You Ask a Child What Colour the Tyres of a Car Are, They Will Immediately Answer With ‘black’. But Have You Ever Wondered Why This Might Be So? Why Use a Generic Black Colour for Something That Is Universally Used? Why Not Give It a Hint of Yellow or Add a Little Bit of Blue in There? Is It Really Because Tyres Go Through All Sorts of Dirt-filled Roads?

Let Us Find Out:

You Must Have Observed Natural Rubber Always Comes in White. But Are Tyres Not Made Up of Rubber Too? Yes! The First Rubber Car Tyres Were Invented in the Year of 1895, and Used to Come in Milky White Colour Back Then! Why Did They Change to Black Then? It Was Primarily Caused by Soot. Soot, Along With Cotton Threads, Was Believed to Increase the Durability of the Car and Reduce the Heat. So These Were Inserted in the Vehicle, Hence Making the Tyres Black.

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But the Main Reason Why the Tyres of Cars Today Are Black Is a Chemical Compound Called Carbon Black. This Compound Dramatically Changed the Tyre Industry a Few Decades Ago.

There Are Three Main Reasons Why Carbon Black Is Always Chosen to Make Tyres for Cars:

Quality: Carbon Black Is Used as a Stabilising Chemical and Is Paired With Other Polymers to Create the Tread Compound of a Tyre. Once This Is Combined With Rubber, the Strength and Durability of the Tyre Is Increased Significantly. Tyres Are Meant to Be Healthy and Durable to Support the Car, and Such Was the Beginning of Black Car Tyres Birmingham.

Increases the Lifespan of Tyres: the Belt and the Tread Areas of a Car Are Bound to Get Heated Up While Driving. Carbon Black Conducts the Heat Away From These Parts and Thus Protects the Tyre From and Severe Damage Like a Tyre- Burst. Another Natural Phenomenon That Causes Tyre Damage Is the Harmful Light of UV Rays, Which Can Harden the Rubber Compound and Lower Their Performance. Carbon Black Also Protects the Car From These Rays, Thus Increasing the Overall Lifespan of the Tyre, and Consequently, the Vehicle.

Safety: a Lot Is Dependent Upon a Car’s Tyres Which Is Why Strong and Long-lasting Tyres Are Always Desirable. They Help Maintain the Safety and Security of the Ones Riding Inside the Vehicle.

Cleaning: One of the Obvious Reasons for Having Black Tyres Is That, Since They Have to Travel Through Dust-filled Roads, Black Tyres Are Much Easier to Clean Than White Tyres

Yes, Black Tyres May Seem Too Dull, Common or Mainstream to Some People, but That Is With Good Reason. They Are Much Better to Their White Counterparts in Almost Every Aspect Like Strength, Cleaning, Efficiency. Now You Know Exactly Why Most Tyres Are Black, and That Even Though Some Other Luxurious Cars May Have Colourful Tyres, Black Tyres Are More Practical and Suitable for Regular Driving, Like All Season Tyres Birmingham.

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