Why Are Tyre Markings Important?

Your tyres hold the most significant functions while driving the vehicle. The tread of the tyre is responsible for maintaining the only point of contact between the road and your vehicle. Directly or indirectly your tyres are affecting the overall condition and movement while driving. When it comes to safety on the road, your tyers are completely responsible for providing you with safety. They are filled with compressed air that absorbs the shocks from the road even before they reach the passengers. It is your tyres that can enhance and reduce the quality of ride and comfort. Yes, they are important but also you must have complete information about them.

Where do we find this sequence? This code is embossed on the sidewall of your tyres. To be precise, the sidewall is the protective shield that protects the tyres from getting damaged. Tyre markings are used to determine a tyre’s specifications and physical characteristics so that you can select a replacement that works with your car. While some of these Car Tyres Reading are minor, the majority have a substantial impact on performance and safety, so it’s critical to get them right.

How to read the Tyre Marking? 

As mentioned above, tyre markings are written on the sidewall of the tyers and usually contain details like tyre width, aspect ratio, speed rating index, rim diameter, the type of tyre.

If this is the sequence- 225/ 55R 18 95 H

Considering the above example, the 225 is the width of the tyres. You must focus on the size of the tyre before purchasing the tyre. Because cars are engineered in a way that only specific sizes of tyres can be used in them. So it is better to choose the appropriate size to improve the performance of your vehicle. It is measured from sidewall to sidewall in millimetres.

The next in the sequence is the aspect ratio, 55 here is the aspect ratio. The makers calculate the aspect ratio by dividing the height of the tyre’s rim by its width. If the aspect ratio is 55, it means, it is 55% of the width.

The next in line is the tyre construction symbol. It is denoted by R which means it is a radial tyre. Radial tyres are where the internal ply cords extend in a radial orientation across the casing from bead to bead. Radial tyres are commonly used and all modern cars are installed with these tyres only.

The next in the sequence is 18, which is the rim diameter. Unlike the width, it is measured in inches. It is essential to consider while buying or replacing a new tyre. You must always buy tyres of similar diameters. Even if you get your tyres replaced by Mobile Tyre Fitting Reading, they have the exact fitting.

The next number in the sequence represents the load index. This means, how much load your tyers can carry. The most suggested advice is not to overload your vehicle, any event like such can damage your tyres.

The next is the speed index. H denotes the highest speed at which your tyres can rotate. This is the last tyre marking. The highest speed rating varies from tyre to tyre. The maximum speed rating of a standard tyre is around 130km/hr under the maximum load.

It is of utmost importance that you consider your tyre markings very seriously. They can be very beneficial while replacing your seasonal or new tyres. If you try to fit a different tyre that doesn’t match the configurations of your previous tyres, this situation can impact the performance of your car and even damage your tyres faster.

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