Why Choose Performance Tyres?

Everyone finds it difficult to choose a perfect tyre for their car. All tyres are designed to deliver advantages, and all seem to be perfect at their respective places. But if you are looking for tyres, which ensure your safety and fuel efficiency, then performance tyres are the best option for you to choose.

Here are some reasons why performance tyres are better than regular tyres and why you should choose them.

Better Road Grip

Performance tyres offer you a better road holding capacity than any other Tyres Evesham. Performance tyres have improved traction, which ensures unmatched grip on the road. They have rigid sidewalls, which can handle the weight and help you to safely drive on corners.
Also, these tyres are made of premium quality soft rubber compounds; and some fillers are added to them so that they can maintain their shape. This also makes tyres stiffer than any regular tyre and provides more traction to them.


Tyres manufacturers have designed performance tyres so that they fulfil the demand of all levels of driving. These tyres allow your car to respond very quickly when any obstacle comes in your way. These tyres work more efficiently whenever there is an anti-lock braking system in your car.
Moreover, they provide you with improved braking. Imagine you are driving at high speed, and suddenly any vehicle or animal comes in your way. At this time, if your tyres are not efficient enough to stop the car, it could lead to fatal accidents. Therefore, it is certainly important for you to have perfect tyres in your car.

Improved Handling

Having better control of the steering is one of the significant features, which everyone wants while driving. Proper handling ensures your safety and improves your driving experience. Equipped with premium quality rubber, Performance tyres have improved control on any road condition.
These tyres provide you with a maximum grip than any other regular tyres. They allow you to turn your car very smoothly and ensure better cornering. Also, they reduce the braking distance of your car due to flexible rubber compounds and wider treads on tyres.

Dispersion Of Heat

Generally, tyres fail to withstand drivers’ expectations because of overheating. Tyres are made of soft rubbers and may get heated up very easily at high speeds. 
Performance tyres are designed in such a way that they can resist the heat and do not get worn off due to overheating. In this way, performance tyres ensure your safety and provide longevity to your car tyres. These tyres have only one disadvantage: they cannot withstand the winter season.

Works Best At Proper Inflation

Every tyre works more than their expected life if the proper pressure level is maintained inside them. Therefore, when you are driving to any hilly region or muddy area, it becomes important to have proper inflation in your tyres.
Though Performance tyres enable you to overcome every obstacle with ease, if they have the right level of air pressure in them, they would boost their overall performance at a relatively high speed. Moreover, performance tyres have less rolling resistance and thus provide an exceptional grip on all kinds of roads.


Although performance tyres are a little more expensive than regular tyres, they are worth it. These Continental Tyres Evesham provide you with many notable features, which enhance your driving experience. They are durable and thus ensure longevity. This is why their lifespan is usually 10 years, but if maintained well, it will give you a few more years.
After reading these points, you might have guessed that performance tyres are indeed a premium range of car tyres. These tyres will help you in all types of roads irrespective of the climatic condition. Moreover, it allows you to drive as fast as you want to. However, for your safety, you should avoid doing that. If you are planning to buy performance tyres, do contact Vale Tyre Centre.