Why is an MOT so important?


An MOT test sends many people in nervousness at times. That’s because flunking the test is never an option. It can cost you hundreds of pounds in repairs, and vast amounts on retesting as well.

Well, that doesn’t mean you start drawing tensity upon your nerves regarding this test. After all, this is mainly conducted to check the road worthiness of your vehicles. It’s for your own and other people’s safety. This test ensures that your vehicles don’t become a nuisance for others commuting on the road.

So, this blog is going to educate you about everything you’d like to know about MOT ManchesterLet’s start with understanding the term first.

What is MOT?

MOT, as we all know, is an abbreviation for the Ministry of Transport. It’s a defunct government department, which is succeeded by the Department for Transport. This test examines the road-worthiness of your vehicles. Various parts of the vehicle are checked, and then you are issued a certificate called VT20.

When is your vehicle first due for MOT?

Your vehicle is first due for MOT when it gets three years old. Thereafter, your vehicle needs to take the test every year.

How can you know about the due date of the test?

The next date due is written on the MOT certificate that you get on clearance of the test. You can also know of the test on the government website. At times the garage also reminds you where you’d get the previous test done.

Parts checked during MOT

Lights, body, vehicle identification number, seats, seat belts, mirrors, exhaust system, fuel emissions, tow bars, tyres and wheels, bonnet, wipers and washer bottle, windscreen, horns, steering and suspension and registration plates are the parts examined in this test.

What is the cost of the test?

For cars and light vans, a garage can charge up to £54.85 as the maximum charge. This cost covers material costs, labour cost and admin charges as well.

Where can you go for the test?

The best place is to go to a renowned garage for the test. The testing centre has to display a blue sign with three white triangles on it. You can also go to a council MOT centre for the test. At times, people find these centres more authentic as they don’t have any vested interests regarding the test like a garage. They can’t carry out any repairs. They can only make the faults explicit to you so that you can get them repaired from elsewhere.

What if your vehicle fails the test?

Well, in such a case you are issued a VT30 certificate. Failing the MOT means you need to get some parts fixed and then appear for a retest once everything is repaired. If you appear for the retest within a period of 10 working days, then you’d be charged a partial fee amount.

How can you prepare for the test in advance?

To avoid any kind of hassles later, prepare your vehicle for the test in advance. Which means –

  • Keep your car clean inside and outside both, including the number plates.
  • Windscreen wipers should be in good condition.
  • Most cars fail MOT Manchester due to flickering lights. Don’t let that happen with your vehicle.
  • All mirrors should be intact.
  • All the fluid levels should be up to the mark.
  • Check the tread and tyre pressure in advance.

Basically, if you keep your vehicle maintained at all times, then the possibility of it flunking in the test reduces. So, take the MOT test in your stride and don’t be scared of it.