Why is Cambelt Replacement Important?

Motorists in the UK prefer to maintain their car as per the road laws and standards of the UK. A majority of you must know about maintaining different components of your car like engine, clutch, battery, tyres, wheels, and body works, etc. Although these components play crucial roles in coordinating the functions of your car, you should never forget your vehicle’s cambelt.

If you are unaware of the features of your car’s cambelt, and why it is necessary to repair it, reading this blog will help to gain new insights into your car’s maintenance.

What is cambelt and why it is so important?

The cambelt is a mechanical device in the shape of a belt that is present near your car’s engine. Its main job is to coordinate the functions of your engine’s crankshaft and camshaft, so the engine does not incur much stress, and may easily help your car to move. Also, a properly functioning cambelt may allow the valves of your car’s engine to open and close at proper intervals.

However, your vehicle’s cambelt may start damaging over time that you must keep in mind.

What are the main causes of cambelt damage?


Overloading your car beyond the load index may not only damage the suspension but also cause the cambelt to shed its teeth. Also, it is one of the major reasons for cambelt drive to get misaligned and lead to complete engine failure.

Poor cambelt drive

In case you experience vibrations on the steering wheel or you notice a sudden belt stretch, you should be alarmed about a poor cambelt drive structure. It not only leads you to replace the cambelt but also cause extra expenses on engine damage.

Clogged levers and shafts

Another significant reason for cambelt failure is the overlogging of the shafts and pulleys. Any form of dust or debris inside the cambelt may shed its teeth and disrupt the functions between camshaft, and crankshaft.

Old cambelt

Driving a car with cambelt older than 10 years may damage the engine, pulleys, shafts, and gouges, etc. Such kind of damage may also be visible in the form of rust, etc.

If you notice any issues with your cambelt, you must opt for a car service Leamington Spa as well to know about the damages in your car’s engine.

In case, you are willing to inspect your car’s cambelt at home, so you don’t need to spend huge amounts, you may have a look below to know about the steps for a home inspection.

Here are the steps to inspect your car’s cambelt for damage

  1. Visually inspect the cambelt’s exterior for cracks and damages
  2. Checks if the belt is missing some chunks of rubber
  3. Try to sneak under the belt and detect any broken tooth
  4. Check if the belt is shredding metal

How to get a cambelt replacement?

To get a cambelt replacement Leamington Spa, you may search for high-rated garages near your location via the web. Once done, visit the garage website to know about its cambelt service. If you are satisfied, you may request for a quote, or call the garage for slot availability.

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