Why is it important to take your car for the mot test?

Some drivers are curious about the MOT test since they are not able to understand the difference between the MOT repair checks and car servicing.

In various places, BMW MOT Northampton is legal, and it is mandatory to clear the MOT test to prove that your vehicle is roadworthy.

The full form of MOT is the Ministry of Transport. During this examination, the examiner makes sure your car does not have any serious issues and it is safe for the driver and other people.

This test is carried out annually and you have to take your car before the expiry date of the present MOT certificate.

The MOT tester will ban your vehicle if it has safety issues since it is dangerous to drive with a car having security concerns.

How is MOT different from a regular car servicing session?

Please note that the MOT test is like an examination and it is not related to any type of car service.

A car service schedule is determined by the car manufacturer and you can find this schedule in the car’s manual. A service thoroughly checks your car’s issues and it is not a legal requirement.

On the other hand, the MOT test is set by the legal authorities and having the MOT certificate is mandatory to drive your car.

An MOT tester does not go as deep as a serviceman does. An MOT examiner would only check the pre-defined areas, and would not detect hidden issues. He would only ensure that the car is roadworthy as per the parameters set by the Ministry.

Which areas are covered during an MOT checkup?

Usually, the MOT test includes the following areas:

  • Driver’s view
  • Steering
  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Seat belts
  • Suspension system
  • Exhaust system
  • Horn

Why does a car fail an MOT test?

Surprisingly, a car may fail the MOT test due to minor reasons that could be resolved by the driver easily.

Therefore, if you wish for your car to not fail the examination, make sure you consider the following essential steps:

  • Keep your car clutter-free and clean, since a dirty car is more likely to fail the MOT examination.
  • Check the air pressure in your Tyres Northampton and look for damages and punctures.
  • Check if your steering wheel is working properly.
  • Do not use stickers or anything else to affect the driver’s view.
  • Check the lights in the car and replace fused bulbs.
  • A dirty number plate with inappropriate typeface or spacing can be a reason for the failure in the test.
  • Make sure the body of your vehicle is free of dirt and dents.


An MOT test is mandatory and is carried out to ensure safety on the road. Therefore, if you drive your car with this certificate, it is fine both legally and ethically. Visit an MOT station for the examination and ensure a hassle-free drive.

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