Why Is Wheel Balancing Important and When Should You Go For It

The dynamics of a car and its handling are dependent on suspension system, weight, track, wheelbase and other parameters which are not in control of a buyer. Unbalanced wheels can be a reason for uneven driving experience. Keeping your wheels appropriately balanced is therefore essential.

Why is Wheel Balancing Essential?

Wheels are what remain in contact with the road surface for effective transmission of acceleration and braking forces. Most of the forces which tyres experience are transferred to the steering wheel to some extent. The wheels, therefore, are essential in maintaining the dynamics of a car.

When wheel assembly rotates, the centrifugal force acts at the middle of the axle. For everything to fall into place, tyres need to be balanced. Sometimes, even with high precision methods, imbalances in weight can’t be removed. The imbalance in loads shift the effective axis of rotation of the wheel assembly, which causes bouncing, wobble, etc. it affects the handling of the car and therefore the ride.

Wheel Balancing in Leighton Buzzard is essential not only for the ride and handling, which can become uncomfortable but also from the safety perspective. It is mostly because the car does not find a stable base, which is the reason for effective reaction forces.

When Should You Opt for Wheel Balancing?

Following are some issues which present as signals for wheel balancing.


In case tyres are out of balance, a vehicle may feel vibrations. It worsens with the increase in speed and can also cause drowsiness. The tremor, however, may also be quite minimal to notice in case you drive by the quiet streets. It is because sometimes vibrations do not occur before the car reaches 50-70 mph. In such situations, you should go for Wheel Balancing in Leighton Buzzard.

Uneven Wear

Sometimes, unbalanced tyres can be a cause of patch wears. It is a type of wear pattern which is mostly random, which means that it wears out in different spots which exist around the circumference. It happens due to vibrations and the shaking which wheel imbalance is responsible for. In such situations opting for wheel alignment in Leighton Buzzard is essential.

Suspension Issues

Constant vibrations may cause sufferings of shocks, bearings and other elements of the suspension of a car. It happens as a result of partial loss of vibration and traction since the wheels are out of balance. Also, there may be other problems with the suspension such as cupping which is a type of treadwear. In such cases, you can service your Tyres in Leighton Buzzard.

You can avail your wheel balancing from garages such as Buzzy Bee tyres for the best driving experience. They also provide you with other services for your vehicles, such as tyre pressure check and mobile tyre fitting.

You should remember that wheel balance may deteriorate with tyre wear, and with alterations in weight distribution. Not only that, but bad roads, everyday stress, cornering and hard braking, etc., may cause disruptions in the balance over time. For the best driving experience, you, therefore, need to opt for Wheel Balancing Leighton Buzzard in due time.

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