Why Regular Maintenance and Car Service is Important?

When you buy a new vehicle, you pledge to keep it safe and in good condition. But as time goes by, you get busy and start taking the vehicle casually. A majority of motorists understand that vehicle maintenance is necessary, but they still avoid regular services. Regular maintenance is an integral process that keeps the vehicle in a healthy condition.

Whether you drive your car regularly or take it out for rides once or twice a week, maintenance service should never be missed. This can lead to unnecessary issues and problems. Professionals recommend getting the Car Service Tamworth done after every 3000 – 5000 miles. This is essential because, with time, the problems may arise with the vehicle’s components.

Oil Check: The oil should be routinely checked and changed when needed. If not changed on time, sludge may build-up due to which lubrication will not occur in the engine. This will result in engine failure, and the repair is going to cost some hefty amount. A regular oil change is very important if you do not wish to spend an extra amount on extra repairs.

Wheel Rotation: Another important thing to be done as a part of regular maintenance is getting the wheels Rotated. This means that you get all the four wheels rotated. The wheels of your vehicle hold different amounts of weight. That is why the front wheels wear differently than the rear ones. To get rid of this issue, wheels are rotated, i.e. their positions are changed. This ensures that the tyres wear evenly.

Fluids: Engine oil, radiator coolant, automatic transmission fluid, brake fluid, clutch fluid, windscreen washer, etc. are some of the main fluids present in various components of your vehicle. It is advised that you change them regularly to avoid any problem.

Engine air filter: When the dust fills inside the engine air filter, it damages the filter. Dirty air will be entering your engine and will deplete its performance.

Battery: This is one of the vital components of your vehicle. You should always keep track of the age of your batteries. Battery terminals should regularly be checked for corrosion, and the battery fluid should be taken care of. Don’t leave your vehicle undriven for a longer period. This drains the battery.

Benefits of Regular maintenance service:

  • It helps in reducing the engine wear
  • Regular service prolongs the life of your engine as it stays healthy
  • Your vehicle’s fuel economy is enhanced
  • You get to know about the serious issues or damages in your vehicle and can get them repaired in time.

Never skip your scheduled service

Humans are lazy and do not get things done until it’s almost late. The same is done when it comes to regular maintenance. It is advised to never miss the scheduled service. During the service, the professional will thoroughly check the vehicle and repair the issues.

This will profit you as a scheduled service always stays on the record. You know what you are getting and will have the history of the regular services in case you want to sell it in the future.

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