Why should you check your tyres regularly?

All components of your vehicle are indeed important for driving comfort. However, the role of the tyres is unavoidable because the engine along with other component is not able to work properly if the wheels are not installed correctly in the vehicle.

Your tyres make direct contact with the road and function in severe road conditions. Therefore, it is normal if the Nexen Tyres Sawston experience wear and tear.

Damaged or bald tyres are extremely risky for driving your car because your tyres are responsible for proper control over the car, handling, braking and safety. Therefore, all these factors will be compromised if you do not maintain your tyres properly. So, you must not avoid regular maintenance to prolong the lifespan of your tyres. It is best, if you spend some time every month in the inspections of your tyres. Especially, do not start a long trip without checking your tyres because serious damage in your tyres may put you at a great risk.

During the inspection, you should check the following issues:

Air pressure:

As you know your tyres can carry load of your vehicle with the help of the pressure of air. Therefore, the air pressure should be maintained by the car owners according to specifications provided in the user’s guide. Under-inflation or over-inflation both are responsible for quickening the rate of uneven tread wear. Moreover, improper inflation may cause serious blowouts and accidents as well.

Visual damage signs:

If the sidewall of your tyres is healthy, it will be free of damage signs like cuts, bulges, and tiny holes. If you observe these signs on the body, you must conclude that something is wrong with the outer or inner structure of your tyres.

Punctures that you have repaired in the past may also cause problems because patchworks weaken the structure of the tyre. Therefore, these damaged places can reopen anytime to cause blowouts.

Therefore, keeping an eye on these signs is vital.

The Tread depth:

The depth of tyre tread is a vital factor because driving with improper tread depth is illegal as well as unsafe for the driver. The legal tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm or above. So, check your tread regularly.

You can reduce the rate of wear and tear by applying the following maintenance ideas.

Tyre maintenance tips

  • Do not forget to check tyre air pressure regularly. Proper inflation is vital for the health of your tyres.
  • Make sure your tyres are properly aligned and balanced. If your tyres are not balanced or aligned appropriately, you may feel experience difficulties in driving your car.
  • Choose appropriate tyres for your vehicle in terms of size, load index, speed rating, and weather.
  • Replace your tyres if you find that your tyres are severely damaged and do not try to drive on bald or damaged tyres.

The essence of this discussion is that you should make your best efforts to keep your Tyres Great Shelford in good condition but whenever you feel your tyres are damaged, do not be late to buy a new set of tyres.

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