Winter Tyres: Which One to go for and how to Take Care of them?

With the onset of October, your vehicle will require winter tyres designed for roads covered in snow, ice, and slush. Summer tyres are no good during this time as they don’t provide the necessary traction over such conditions.

You can also go for all-season tyres; however, their performance will not match that of winter tyres.

So, when the temperatures go below 7° C, its time you switched to winter tyres for a safe and secure drive over extreme road situations.

But, which one to go for?

Here is a list of some winter tyres Northampton you can choose from:

  1. Continental WinterContact TS 860 S

The bigger and wider blocks of the Winter Contact TS 860 S from Continental on the outside shoulder gives you more control over your vehicle while cornering on dry roads. The 3 longitudinal grooves of this tyre bite into snow to create the necessary traction for drive ability in such terrain.

Thin lateral grooves separate the rib blocks, which stiffen while braking. Thus, braking distance reduces considerably. Lastly, constructed with an innovative compound, this tyre increases your vehicle’s fuel economy.

The Winter Contact TS 860 S is available for both passenger cars and SUVs.

  1. Bridgestone Blizzak LM-80 EVO

Bridgestone’s Blizzak series of tyres are specifically designed for winter. One of them, the LM-80 EVO, comes with high-density transversal grooves that drain slush and water rapidly to reduce aquaplaning. Its unidirectional tread pattern keeps your vehicle steady and secure in winter road conditions.

Moreover, its stiffer and thinner sipes increase control, braking, and cornering capabilities over snow and ice.

The Bridgestone Blizzak LM-80 EVO is available for SUVs.

  1. Pirelli Scorpion Ice & Snow

Pirelli’s Scorpion Ice & Snow comes with 4 broad longitudinal grooves that are exceptional at evacuating water to negate aquaplaning. Multi-edged tread blocks give your vehicle optimum grip on snow, especially when you are driving down a slope.

The specialized tread design of this tyre performs exceptionally on all winter road conditions. The same also helps you drive off-road without any hassle.

The Scorpion Ice & Snow is available for SUVs.

Now, take a look at how you can take care of your winter tyres for longer life.

  1. Keep the air pressure right

The right air pressure will enable more traction, fuel economy, and fewer chances of a blowout. Check the same every month or so and keep the tyres inflated properly.

  1. Check for unusual wear

If you notice uneven or feathered (smooth on one side and rough on the other) wear, then it can indicate wheel misalignment or imbalance. If you live in the Northampton area, you can visit car garages like Jackson’s MOT Centre for a wheel alignment or wheel balance service.

  1. Rotate tyres

Rotation evens the wear undergone by all tyres. Since the front tyres receive more pressure, they tend to get damaged more rapidly. Hence, rotate tyres and prolong their life.

With the right winter tyres Northampton and maintenance, you will never have to worry about your vehicle spinning out of control over ice or snow.