Your Handy DIY Guide To Refurbishing Alloy Wheels at Home

Alloy wheels mean a lot to those drivers who know their innate value. It is a known fact that alloy wheels aren’t some regular gizmo for the average car. They’re considered to be a symbol of prestige and class among car owners. The shinier the set of rims a driver has, the better is his/her reputation among peers.

Providing durability as well as style to the car, alloy wheels help in securing a smoother ride and better handling characteristics as compared to the regular steel-based rims. Not everyone gets the chance of installing a brand new set of alloy wheels. While you’re at it, the maintenance factor also comes into play, making the investments heavier.

Doing It at Home

If one struggles to maintain the set of alloy wheels of his/her car, the best alternative would be to handle the situation in the personal garage. Refurbishing is the art of bringing back the exceptional quality of the alloy wheels.

It can be done in a multitude of ways ranging from choosing a suitable garage or solving the issue at home.

Given below are some of the necessary points that should be considered while refurbishing alloy wheels at home.

Masking The Tyres Properly

The first and the most crucial step involves the covering of those areas that aren’t to be affected during the whole ordeal.

Taping the edges of the wheels is also an essential process that is performed for the best and most efficient results. Masking also helps in maintaining the correct and required colour-scheme.

Sandblasting The Surface

The second step involves cleaning the rim off any dirt or unwanted spot that might ruin the performance at any level. Under constant usage, the rim surface starts to wear off rendering the wheel useless or highly unstable.

Hence, it is advised to the people that the second step should always be performed by sandblasting with the right sandpaper. Sandblasting helps in removing the tough strains or levelling off the surfaces. It also brings forth the current structural integrity of the rims.

Filling The Imperfections

Alloy wheels upon extended usage tend to bear a lot of hits from the roads and other kinds of terrains. These other terrains are mostly off-road tracks that are often seen in the countryside.

Such hits cause scratches and dents to take shape on the surface of the wheel. The filling is one such process that allows the driver to cover up the damages done to the wheel.

Painting It Nicely

Choosing the right coat for the surface of the rims is also a necessary thing. People often end up picking the wrong primer for the coating process. This causes an imbalance in coating levels of the surface. Having a primer coat on the rim prevents the paint from slipping away.

Additionally, it binds the paint and keeps holding onto it until the remover is applied for the same. Painting the rim prevents it from rusting and further corrosion, it also enables the usage of custom layers that can add more layers of colour to car alloy wheels.

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